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Carnival Paradise

Background of Carnival Cruise Lines

The flagship line of the Carnival Corporation, which is the world’s biggest cruise line, carnival Cruise Line was established in the year nineteen seventy two. Carnival handles close to two and a half billion passengers every year, and is number one in popularity. The Fun ship tag, which is the trademark as well as the selling point of Carnival Cruises, is much promoted and is very popular with passengers, especially the youth. The Carnival Line now offers some reasonable cruise options nowadays, and is now no more the modest company it was when it was founded, and pioneers major innovations in the Cruise ship industry. Modern day cruise ship experiences have been given new definitions throughout, and Carnival has extensive selections in a whole lot of fields, food, entertainment, programs for kids, spas and salons, and the Carnival fleet has now increased to more than 20 fun  ships.

Carnival Paradise : Overview . . .

The cruise industry collectively raised eye brows when the announcement came that the Paradise would be a completely no smoking ship. Many people were skeptical about enforcement as well as the effect it may have on popularity, but the introduction of a completely smoke free cruise ship was met with rave reviews and much appreciation, which lead to increased numbers of bookings, most repeat bookings.

Carnival Paradise

In terms of décor, Paradise has taken the opportunity to pay homage to several of the most well known passenger ships that the world has seen, and many locations are named after these ships and are styled accordingly.

The Normandie Lounge, Café Il de France, the Rex Dance Club and the Queen Mary Lounge as well as several others are these notable tributes.

Carnival Paradise : Specifications and Fast Facts
  • Year at which ship entered service: 1998
  • Port of Registry : Panama
  • Gross Tonnage of Ship ( G R T ) : 70, 367 G T
  • Max Cruise Speed : 21 knots
  • Max capacity for passengers : 2, 052 passengers
  • No of passenger accessible decks : 10
  • Ship Crew and Staff members : 920
  • Nationality of Officers : Italian
  • Nationality of Cruise and Hotel Staff members : International
  • Destinations that are traveled : Eastern/Western Caribbean
  • Tipping and Gratuities

An amount of $ 9.75 is added to your ship board account automatically, or else you can pay this amount prior to sailing. The amount of $ 9.75 added consists of $ 5. 50 for the dining staff, 75 cents go to the bistro service and $ 3. 50 is added to the staff that takes care of cabins. This amount can be increased or decreased at the information desk.

Carnival Paradise : Features of the ship . . .

Paradise could very well be for you if you do not smoke, or else spend a smoke free week aboard a ship.

State rooms

The state rooms total 1, 026, and these are inclusive of twenty eight Pent house Suites, twenty six Suites, five hundred and sixty four Ocean View Twin rooms, three hundred eighty nine inside Twin cabins, nineteen inside Upper and Lower berth cabins.

Carnival Paradise Staterooms

State room facilities

Spacious and airy, the cabins have good amount of space devoted to drawers and closets. There are also private amenities ( showerbath, toilet and basin ), tele phone, T V showing first run films. Electricity is 110 A C.

Specialties for Children and Teenagers

The innovative “Camp Carnival” is tailor made to meet the entertainment needs of children. The new addition is the superb dining program, which enables kids to have meals with cruisers their age by the pool, and parents can have some time to them selves.

Carnival Paradise dining

Island Princess
Carnival Glory

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