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Disney Cruise Line – Cruise for Couples with Kids

Planning a vacation and want to go on cruise, but seemingly worried will you as parents, be able to spend quality time with each other. Will it be just taking them around, keeping eye on them and just same ordinary life as of the city, but now on cruise? Traveling with kids is such a challenge, because they have this knack of getting into problems or because they have this unrelenting tendency to seek your attention. Thus it may not be allowing, the couple to spend time together, where they could just be together but alone. Want a chance to spend most memorable vacation on the cruise with your kids as well having romantic and passionate time together. Then Disney has answered such pleadings and prayers of such parents who don’t remember when there was last romantic excursion together. Disney Cruise line is here for your rescue and giving you opportunity to actually live on those dreams, which you thought will never come true.

  • Cruise Name: Disney Wonder
  • Cruise Line: Disney Cruise Line
  • Passengers: 2,600
  • Itineraries: Bahamas, four-night trip
  • Cost: Starts from $2,000

Disney wonder

Imagine you’re self on cruise, seeing amazing sunset or you posing together as Jack and Rose of Titanic and a big loud wail of your kid or there is someone tucking you! But most of the ships have regulations regarding the child age, that is, child must be of three years old and above and not only this but also should be toilet/potty trained and moreover pull-ups and diapers are forbidden.

Dream shattered of going on cruise? But not of smart parents, who knows to choose cruise ship as per their children’s age and this Disney’s wonder is most parents’ first choice. Here while you will be lounging on the deck with your partner, catching upon each other, re kindling your romance, your child will be well cared of and looked after, but moreover he will have fun and entertainment experiences which he will boast about till your next vacation, though he may persistently insist on coming on this cruise ship again.

Disney Cruise line on their ships have care facilities available for kids of age starting from three months, and above, moreover counselors here are such that, they have licensed for changing diapers! This means you aren’t forced into return to kiddies club every time your child needs a changing! Wow isn’t it! Now no stopping of those beautiful flatters your husband is giving, because your child just did pee!

Most of the ships, doesn’t allow swimming with diapers in their pools, the Disney Wonder’s wading pool has an exception to this, as well as there is splash zone having interactive fountains, which gives the pleasure to your toddler even if he doesn’t know to swim, he can still get splash and fun and burn those whole lots of energies and thus easily sleep off when you need them to sleep soundly.

The Disney Wonder’s staterooms making life at ease for the families too: Reason is here there is idealistic setting of one and half bathrooms, so that neither kids nor their parents have to wait for toilet.

Disney wonder Mickey poolWith other Disney’s shipboard features along with waterslides leading into pool shaped in form of Mickey’s head, exciting dinning place that is of Animator’s Palette restaurant which has illuminating walls that keeps on changing colors. Playing of live musicals which is based on kids favorite’s the cartoons as well as a pirate party, and the fireworks display. That was just all for your kiddies to have all the fun time on Disney Cruise line.

But parents, oops couples, don’t feel despair with so much of attention going to your kids, as you will be appreciating adults-only pool, and there is hot tub, as well as spa for treatment and your pampering. Also there is fitness center, and couples restaurant. And the best of all is kid-free beach available on the Disney’s private island that is Castaway Cay, one of Port of call of the Wonder’s stops.

Also for family entertainment there are staging of nightly shows which is typically skew their performance for family crowd, and thereafter there are later ones for adults only while your kids are sleeping back comfortably.

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