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Bangaram Cruises in Lakshadweep Travels

Located in the Lakshadweep Islands in the coastal ares of Kerala the southern Indian state, Bangaram is a beautiful island. Lying very near the Kavaratti and Agatti islands, the Bangaram Island is a great plethora of scenic beauty and travel pleasures. All the tourists coming to this part of the world would surely love this paradise on earth. There are two small islands called the parali and Thinnakara which are near Bangaram and a lagoon encloses it. There are sights of the phosphorus plankton being washed away on these coral sands of the beach thus giving the whole area a bluish green effect. This enchanting place is a great travel pleasure for all.

Bangaram Island

Part of the wonderful archipelago of Lakshadweep, this is an ideal getaway spot and a great travel locale in this part of India. A honeymoon in Lakshadweep is a greatly fascinating idea and with the Bangaram Island Resort providing the best retreat zone, the cruises here are very exciting. Enjoy these small beautiful cottages with the necessary equipments and enjoy your stay here.

Bangaram Island Resort
Slightly uninhabited this island is ensconced by a lovely lagoon which has coral reefs on all sides. Today this island in fact is the best getaway spots of the world. The sun, surf and sand dance in tandem and it is intriguing and interesting to see them glisten in the pleasures of travel. With the coral reef and the lovely structures of the blue lagoon, looking very magical, the entire place is like a VanGough painting, with the best sighs of beautiful travel ecstasies. Enjoy the sights of the porcupines and the fishes and also the hermit crabs and parrots which occupy this land. So enjoy the beautiful verdant stretch of around 120 acres and enjoy in this virginal surroundings of Bangaram Islands.

Coral reefs
So tourists who come on cruises love to enjoy the island pleasures of this land which allow the tourist to scuba dive, snorkel and also fish in deep sea. With best facilities for ideal holiday pleasures, Bangaram gives the tourist the feel of being in heaven. Helicopters and boats ensure that the tourist can commute here in pece. Situated in a very calm and serene corner of the Lakshadweep Islands, the tourists love the solitude here.

Scuba Dive
The Bangaram Island has some 30 huts and four bungalows which have facilities for the tourists to enjoy their tour here. The huts are tiled and the roofs are thatched and the entire place with the veranda and unique ambience gives the tourist a great feel. There is a restaurant at the Resort which gives the best sea food and also some of the best international dishes. There is a Bar Hut which gives the best kind of drinks thus giving travel, luxury and pleasure to all.

Enjoy the sights of the sandy beaches and also the walks that you can take in the morning. The evenings here look fascinating with the beach ambience giving the best travel experience. While the waves beat here with their fervour and the palm trees sway in response to the pleasures of Mother Nature’s blessings, the tourist who comes here on a cruise only loves the entire experience.

Some tourists just love to bask in the sun, and enjoy the pleasures of kayaking and fishing. The water sports activities here are very popular and famous and the tourists get to enjoy the pleasures of a cruise and a getaway spot.

Innumerable cruises planned and organized give enough reasons for a tourist to be in this part of the country of India.

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