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Travel Insurance Policy – Recover Your Travel Refund

In 2009 hurricane season, the many tropical storms and major hurricane affected badly number of cruises in the Caribbean. For instance, the Tropical Storm Ana dowsed to a large extent of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Hurricane Bill turned to be the first hurricane of the 2009 hurricane season, as well as is at present a Category 4 storm.

So what happens to the guests whose cruise trip is ruined by storm?

First of all, cruise is cancelled in very rare circumstances. If a cruise is cancelled, the passengers can demand for full refund. Though, many ships keep sailing irrespective of weather. Traveling through cruise is a lifetime experience, even in hurricane season as the cruise ships are so mobile that it can sail through bad weather or storm and avoid ports affected by storm. Even if your destined island is affected by storm; don’t get disappointed, the cruise line will make a halt at alternative port.  Still there will be disappointed guest by the change in route as they didn’t get what they actually paid for.

Such guests won’t get any kind of refund. Why? Every cruise line makes their passenger sign a contract form in which it is stated that cruise lines have all rights to change or skip ports while cruising – especially in hurricane season. Though there are some cruise lines which offers discounts and shipboard credits on future cruise. Carnival cruise line only notifies its passenger about change in cruise route changes. It also gives a chance to their guests to cancel the trip within 24 hrs with no penalty.

Carnival cruise

Even the basic policies of travel insurance don’t cover cruise travelers who delay or cancel a tour simply because the schedule has altered. There are few insurance company as well as cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean that provide a policy of ‘cancel for any reason’ attached to a standard travel insurance. Relying on the insurer, cancel-for-any-reason insurance policy give cash disburse among fraction of a canceled trip’s rate, otherwise a cruise line voucher for a future cruise tour.

Royal Caribbean cruise

To recover the lost money on tour, one must buy Travel Insurance Policy prior to hurricane season. If warning is announced, there are few chances to recover from hurricane loss.

Most of the travel insurance companies do not provide security for weather associated disruptions, so it is essential to read and scrutinize the very well print cautiously. Realizing the elements in travel insurance policy is necessary for preparing yourself, so you are not trapped off guard, believing you are protected when you aren’t actually. All the time understand the fine print of every insurance policy. If you can’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to ask its interpretation. The more you know about your travel insurance policy, you will face few problems while claiming recovery.

Sailing in hurricane season needs a degree of flexibleness. Also bear this in mind that whatever you plan won’t go accordingly as you expect.  If you want to visit somewhere, you always wanted to then book accordingly its climate condition, not during hurricane season.

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