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Agatti Island Cruises

Come to the land of pleasures, ecstasy and travel luxury. Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and get into the loop of enjoying the ultimate forms of travel pleasures. This is where you would be if you wish to be surrounded by the most fascinating travel stories. For you would be in the land of Lakshadweep, in the most exotic locales in the world tourism and in the most virgin surroundings. Laccadive as it was also known as is a magnificent coral atolls, shares the most exotic status along with the other islands Andaman and Nicobar and the Maldives. So with all such beautiful and enchanting island locales in this part of India, wouldn’t you want to be one of those who really want to feel pampered in these lovely destinations of the world?

Agatti Island Cruises
So take the cruise on the Indian Ocean and enjoy this lovely tour here in this part of the world of the Lakshadweep Islands. Amongst the many islands here, the Agatti Islands is a great paradise situated around 459km off the region of Cochin. Around six kilometers in length, this is a beautiful haven for all the nature enthusiasts who surely like to come here and enjoy the sight of the multi coloured coral fishes and the beautiful coral growth which form a part of the fascinating cruise here.

Agatti Island
This is in fact the only island here other than the Minicoy Island that has so much fish that fishing is the main occupation of the people living here. When on a cruise to this place, you would have a halt in this island and you would get to see the way coir is made and how stitching on coir mats are done besides seeing the articles being made out of copra. There is an airport at Agatti thus traveling by air is not a difficulty here. Resorts in Agatti ensure your stay here is comfortable. These resorts are managed by an entrepreneur who manages things privately. There are great water sports facilities here and these also attract many tourists. With facilities of a medical centre, and with many qualified doctors, Agatti Island is a sure favourite of many who come to this part of the world. Today a great tourist spot in Lakshadweep, one can enjoy swimming, boating, canoeing, diving and also basking in the sunshine here.


On a cruise to the Agatti Island, there you can stay in the Agatti Island Resort which gives you great facilities and also provides you with diving gear to help you learn diving in the clear blue waters here.

Agatti Island Resort
This aquatic paradise Agatti is a lovely destination to visit and is in fact referred to as the “Fishing Capital” of this island. With a terrific ecosystem, and a lovely storehouse of marine wealth, Agatti Island has the best sights of the most virgin beach locales, and the loveliest blue lagoons and the best facilities for fresh sea food with an ideal travel experience.

There are cruises which take you to Agatti Kadmat and Kavaratti and bring you back.

These expose the tourists to this coral paradise and give the tourist a chance to feel the real charm of this place. It is a great experience to enjoy the pleasures that the beautiful scenery of this place and to experience the exotic ambience that is so typical of this place.

Normally a cruise to Agatti Islands also has you going to the nearby Kavaratti Islands which again provide great travel ecstasies.

Kavaratti Islands
Agatti Island cruises put Lakshadweep on the top of the travel chart and give you every reason to comeback for more.

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