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Ecstatic Cruises in Netherlands travels


Netherlands is a lovely place to be in and a great destination to visit in travels to this part of Europe. While here a cruise experience would not go wasted as this is the place where you get the best of cruise sights filled with ideal travel delights.

The Costa Neo Romantica is a product of absolute creativity and travel comfort. A combination of elegance and prestige, this is a cruise that would totally enchant you when you see it the first time. Everything is provided in the cruise and this is a one time thrilling and ecstatic experience.

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There is a new Spa centre here which has been constructed with most minute of things being given total attention. A cruise here is sure to relax your tired nerves and completely regenerates your entire body and brings back all that you felt you have lost. With ideal culinary pleasures, this is maybe what you always dreamt of. The best chefs from across the world cater to the needs of the customers here and you will find that you really wouldn’t miss any thing while on board. There are more than sufficient dinner buffets, and also some of the best luxury dinners. You have the Verona wine bar which is a favourite of all tourists. Then of course the evenings here filled with the sight of delicious gourmet dishes and an assortment of cheese from all over makes the whole cruise very very special.

Lounge your holidays throughout and bask in the moments of madness of a holiday on board and just let your travel juices flow. There is a private teak veranda in some cruises which adds to the enchanting experience here. The suites in the ship have a beautiful tub and also a marbled bath. The stationery is personalized, the linens are crisp, and you are provided with Bvlgari soap, lotion and shampoo.

Then there are the sights of the European trained waiters who ensure that you are taken care of well and given lot of attention. The wines are from a widely expensive list and are chosen before being served. The crystal glasses having the wine seem to shimmer in the lights of enjoyment that surround the entire place.

The Silver Sea Cruise

This is a ship that has as many activities as the rest. You could participate and enjoy the culinary demonstrations that are had on board. These are normally done by the chefs from Relais And Chateu. Also there is a library for your literary pleasures. There are very informative presentations here. Attend them so that you can know about the place where you lie.

Normally all tourists come on a cruise in Netherlands to have a new experience. The cruises in Netherlands never let you down and give you many opportunities to enjoy your tours. So whether it is learning the language or dancing a few steps, participating in a book discussion or appreciate the Silver Cloud Wine, the cruise gives you a chance to explore yourself to your heart’s content.

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If you are a sports freak then cruises in Netherlands ensure you have a good dose of golf putting, volleyball, and an aerobic class

The Silver Cloud

This is another luxury ship that is coming up in the world. Enjoy cruises on this and you would understand why Holland America Line is one of the best in the world. Holland America Line has been the Best overall Cruise value and showcases the ways of enjoying cruise tours here.

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The RCL Brilliance

There is something very unique about the cruises in Netherlands so just ensure that you enjoy all and more of it. With the glass elevators and cabins this is a ship which the children would remember for a lifetime. There is a service that has its facilities for the state of the art technology and gives the tourist a very memorable feel.

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Enjoy a lovely cruise experience and go back with fond memories for a lifetime.

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