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A Checklist for Enjoying Cruises


Everyone loves to go on a cruise in winter. This winter if you are planning to go somewhere and wish to do something different, then just embark on one of those cruises, and come back with a great travel quotient.

There are certain tips you could use to make your cruises interesting.

First of all anticipate the costs that could be incurred and make way for the best cruise experiences. Make sure you have facilities like beverages, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, onboard video games, spa treatments, dry cleaning, laundry, and some level of internet use. You would also ensure you have dry cleaning and laundry. Cruising luxuries may be un-categorized, but even more important are the experiences related to it.

Cruise Ship

Most of the ships are giving a gratuity on a per day basis. The staff members are not given any tip in cash. Do not tip the person bringing your bags in. You could tip the waiters giving you room service.

The luggage that you carry is very important. So make sure you do not over pack. The 170 to 200 square feet cabin has all that you need and more.

Stick to the dress code specified by the ship. Some ships have codes for dinner etc. But there are cruises like Norwegian cruises where you can wear casual clothes too.

Swimmingpool at Cruise Ship

Get the electrical specifications for the ship and have knowledge about it. You should know how much electricity you could use.

Enquire about the amenities and other toiletries and make sure you have everything available. Soap and shampoo is provided by most ships. You also get hair dryers and beach towels. All depends on the cruise line you have taken. No cruise line usually permits irons in the cabins, as they are a fire hazard.

Cruises Night View

Royal Carribean and Norwegian Cruise lines do not have any laundry room with self service.

There are many things to note down on the checklist for enjoying cruises.


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