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Enjoy the thriving nightlife of Mykonos

The international as well as picture ideal Mykonos Island draws a huge number of cruise travelers contending for a journey in the region of the island’s boutique lined covered streets as well as to grab a sight of the white colored houses with blue colored doors and pleasing harbor all year. This up market Greek island is for the most part luxurious of each and every island and has a flourishing gay prospect with crowded clubs and countless loud composition. But amongst the fashionable nightlife, this island has deal with to keep hold of its natural as well as traditional attraction.

Travelers arriving in the town of Mykonos are by and large assembled by the mascots, as well as the pink pelicans of the island. Major attractions at the harbor take account of 5 thatched windmills, many miles of white-sand shorelines, the Aegean Maritime Museum as well as Little Venice.


Ships are dock at the cruise harbor located at Tourlos, which is placed just in the exterior of the town of Mykonos. Shuttles brings the travelers inside the town in merely 3 mins whilst for ships, which affix away from the shoreline, tenders will transport travelers right inside the town.

Gladness for hedonist, Mykonos is the entire regarding feral, ostentatious nightlife as well as extensive, golden sand shorelines. The ay communities across the world very much love the city of Myknos. The lavish design hotels (total with spas) as well as chichi seafood eating place draws the gossip-section celebrities, even though a number of zenith dance clubs in Greece, which are located here throughout the summer season, place the isle in an association with Ibiza. The hallmark image of Mykonos is the row of 5 white colored windmills place on the hilltop that mounts up at the back the township waterfront.

Mykonos Sightseeing

There is nothing much about the high-brow culture of the island, but the tourist can take pleasure in going around the city. Just walking across the town of Mykonos is an experience in itself. You can just spend a number of hours simply exploring the city.

Make your way towards the charming riverside vicinity of Little Venice to stroll around the pedestrian-only, iconic, winding paved streets, feint by overwhelmed cubic domiciles wrapped with bougainvillea. This is the place where you will come across the most important boutiques as well as art galleries; moreover it’s the centre of action as well in the course of evenings, with a number of shabby-chic eating places as well late night blend bars.

The most excellent beaches are located on the southern coastline and can be arrived at by caique ferry from Mykonos Township attempt to Paradise as well as Super Paradise for a festivity feel, or Plati Yialos as well as Ornos for the entire family entertainment.

A lot of tour companies as well proffer a half-day outing by cruise to the close by island of Delos, well thought-out blessed by the very olds and at the present a world heritage site listed by UNESCO

Mykonos Tourist Attractions
  • Little Venice
  • Delos archaeological site

Delos archaeological site

  • Paraportiani Church

Paraportiani Church

  • Nautical Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
Mykonos Shopping

The fashionable modest boutiques located in Mykonos Township are the destinations to shop silver as well as gold jewellery (a lot of pieces encouraged by antique Greek designs), works of art by local artists, designer label bikinis as well as enormously luxurious bohemian-chic evening wear.

Eating Out

Greek cookery is based on seasonal, fresh, Mediterranean ingredients, with the maximum usage of olive oil. The well-liked main course includes plainly set fresh seafood, in addition charcoal grilled meat as well as energetic stews.

When to visit Mykonos

The Mediterranean sail season starts from the late April and lasts up to late October month. Peak season for touring in Greece is in the months of July and August, at the time when the maximum of the most important destinations are extremely hot as well as incredibly crowded. Plan to visit the city in month of May/June else in September/October to keep away from the masses and take pleasure in milder weather conditions.


Greek language is spoken by the maximum population, where as English is also spoken in a number of areas.


The greater parts of the total population of the city are whereas you will also come across minorities such as Roman Catholic as well as Muslim, also the Jewish.

Social Conventions

The Greeks are honorably swollen with pride regarding their cultural inheritance. The Greek Orthodox Church has a burly control over the society, in particular in the rural regions. Visitors are as well recommended to wear modest dresses while they are going to enter churches. Your shoulders as well as legs should be not being exposed. The head should not be thrown back as it is considered as a negative gesticulation. Generally wear the casual clothes. Smoking is strictly forbidden on public transportation as well as in various public buildings.


The restaurants as well as hotel and bars as well in the city do not add the service charges to your bill so it is expected from you to leave behind at least 12 % to 15% as a usual tip.

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