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Norwegian Fjord Cruises in 2013

Experience the pleasures of the Norwegian fjords and bask in the delights of lovely cruise ecstasies. With the midnight sun proving to be a major attraction, explore the ultra luxury yachts, which take you around the lovely region of Norway and enjoy the cruise pleasures here. Norway cruises now have a partnership dealing with Seaboards you can have the comfort of this affordable cruise here. The all inclusive cruise has around 65% off. The Arctic landscape provides a good reason why you have to try this cruise experience. The wildlife here and the beautiful ambience all around make cruises here very cherishable.

Seabourn has some of the best yachts facilities and has around 104 or 225 suites. The yacht has open decks thus given you lot of social space and also has the best of crew who give you a lot of personal attention.

Norwegian Fjord Cruises in 2013

There are special itineraries which are a must see and the hidden treasures here are a total delight for the travellers. These are places where the larger ships can never go. Every cruise here is a hand picked variety of enchanting destinations and each day brings greater reasons to discover more here in the beautiful land of Norway.

The service here is very gracious and the staff extremely passionate about keeping the guests very comfortable. There is a lot the guests could do overboard and there is a through host behind you helping you wherever you want to move.

The accommodations here are very comfortable and royal. There are many verandahs here and th suites here are inviting, appointed and also beautiful homes from the best kind of families.

Norway land

With fine wine being given during dinner and lunch there are open bars in the yacht and here, you can meet and also mingle with the guests in an absolutely carefree ambiene. Here everyone can have his or her own life without any interference from anyone.

The dining venues are all complimentary and you can dine, sit, and relax, as you would be given the most convenient services ever in cruises here. From elegant indoors to the al fresco on the outside, it has been a source of entertainment for many for many years. There is a range of choices you could choose from and the entire experience is wonderful.

The finest restaurants are the best and they have a lot of gourmet dining. From the French fries to foie grass you would get everything on board the cruise. The cruise pleasures are also due to the imaginative and the skilled chefs here also dole out the best kind of cruise pleasures here in this part of the world in Norway.

River Thames

There is a welcome champagne and also an in suite bar which is stocked with the best of your preferences. There is mineral water and soft drinks and also beer. there is a complete glass set for all your favourite spirits and wines and so enjoy the entire experience and unwind.

You do not have to necessarily tip the waiters as they find serving you the greatest passion they could pursue.

Cruise starts on May 23 and ends on June 4. The starting destination is Tilbury in London, it crosses the River Thames and then is at sea for three days, and reaches a place calve Stavanger in Norway. Then you could go scenic cruising in hardangerfjord and also Eidfjord. Then you also have the Hjetlerfjord and Bergen. You would then reach Skolden in Norway and also Lustrafjord. The next stop would be Sognefjord, and Heissafjord. Then you would cross Alesund in Norway and then Gerianger fjord. Then you would reach Oslo and from here reach the Oslo Fjord. Then pass Gothenburg in Sweden and enjoy the pleasures of a magnificent tour delight.

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