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Silversea cruises in American Travels

Cruises are a great way of enjoying travels in America and if the cruise ships are comfortable then nothing like it. The Silver Spirit cruise experience is one such aspect of cruise pleasures in this part of America.

The newest addition in the Silversea family, Silver Spirit gives the best luxuries and also has a fascinating lifestyle which is a major attraction for cruise lovers. Equipped with the best facilities of an Asian theme restaurant, a Stars Suppers Club, a resort style pool and a large suite, this is a cruise ship which has the best kind of voyages in the year 2013. As the ships sail through the Carribean, into Mexico through the Panama Canal, obviously the experience is irresistible. In the month of February you would have visits to French Polynesia, and many islands in the Hawaii.

Silversea cruises in American Travels

Sometime in late November Silver Spirit would sail to Fort Lauderdale and also give a couple of roundtrip cruise pleasures in the Caribbean. Silver Spirit would enter the year 2014 with a lovely 66 day cruise in the Southern American region. After crossing Fort Lauderdale , Silver Spirit would cross the magnificent Atlantic and then go cruising in the most favourite Mediterranean ports. There are also cruise itineraries which include the Voyage 5415 which take you to the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival and also give you pleasures of the Black Sea. Silver Spirit has a crew of 376 and can accommodate 540 guests.

All the adventure seeking tourists would love to enjoy the Silversea expeditions as it offers cruises which are filled with exciting stores and thrilling tales. Whether it is the beautiful penguins or the Polar ice, the Central American jungles or the lovely American terrain Silver Sea gives the best in travels to America and offers many more such unbelievable pleasures in sea travel.

Silversea Cruises Interior

Silversea indulges in its guests a lot and offers the most privileged lifestyle to all and gives the best kind of butler service. With true expedition pleasures, this is an elegant way to enjoy tours and Silver Sea in itself is a classic experience and gives the ideal tour pleasures when you are in America.

Then you have the Silver Galapagos experience which is a seven day expedition which has the best of facilities and the most comfortable amenities. It would start operating from the month of September in the year 2013. it has a western itinerary which sails from Saturday to Saturday and goes to Balta Island and other islands around including Bartolome, Santiago, Fernandina, Isabela, San Cristobal, floreana, and Santa Cruz.

Silversea Pool

Then you have the North Central Itinerary which has the round trips from Balta Island and has the lovely Genovesa, Santa Cruz, Seymour Norte, Espanola, San Cristobal and Plazas Sur in its route.

The schedule of Galapagos is very adventurous and exciting and gives the tourists a chance to enjoy the wild pleasures of a lost paradise. There is an experienced expedition team which is approved by the Galapagos National park Service which would accompany you on complimentary expeditions. Guests coming on the Silverseas cruises would remember tales of wildlife and iguanas, blue and red footed boobies, and giant tortoises, sea lions, and finches alongwith penguins of course.

Galapagos National Park

The Silversea Galapagos program also includes activities like snorkeling and swimming, enjoying the sights of the beautiful ecosystem, and hikes in the mangrove forests and exploring the natural tunnels of lava here. Watch out also for the lovely flamingos which come here in the season time. Also read the inscription in the caves and enjoy the pleasures of knowing about the efforts of Charles Darwin.

Silver Galapagos gives the pleasures of enjoying luxury at sea and enjoy the ocean view from the spacious accommodations here. Also binge on the exotic culinary delights here and bask in the pleasures of a fantastic cruise experience.

Silversea Luxury Cruises

Take the Silversea experience in American tours and enjoy the delights of a great land filled with absolutely magnificent tour memories.

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