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The Ganges River Cruise

River cruises in India are a different experience altogether of late. Sometime in the nineties the concept of river cruises started gaining ground in India and very soon the mighty river Ganges was considered as a preferred locale for such cruises. The Ganges and the Hooghly river system which is considered to be the National Waterway No. 1 was selected as a passenger river cruise from Kolkata to Varanasi. There were lot of challenges for river cruising on the River Ganges initially but gradually all challenges and odds were won over and the system of cruising in the rivers began in India..

The services were streamlined and staff was trained and also motivated towards serving the people better. All the staff is knowledgeable and experienced staff provides the best kind of experience. Cruises on the River Hooghly and the River Ganges have been able to give the tourists great value for their money. Providing the best visuals of the Indian sub continent, this is the best that you can have on tours here. With the ideal sights and the most of culture to offer, this is a magnificent way of enjoying architecture and the best of flora and fauna.

The Ganges River Cruise

Heritage cruises as they are called in India give the best sights of a great experience on water. One of the most glorious and majestic rivers, the River Ganges thus offers the best of travel sights and the most of tour experiences. This is an experience that opens all the windows to the best kind of culture, lifestyle, and belief. It is as if Mother Ganges takes us around and introduces us to a culture that could be the most awe inspiring and the most interesting.

There is no other river in the world which plays a more important social or cultural role in the lives of the people than the River Ganges. With the most of Hinduism and the best fascinating sights and the most of pilgrim destinations and forests and mountains besides of course the lovely villages.

Ganges River

Take a boutique cruse on the River Ganges and bask in the comforts of a ride which only a luxury steamer can offer. This is one trip where you don’t have to worry about packing or unpacking luggage or long coach trips. There are comprehensive cruise programs which take you to areas like Varanasi and Kolkata where you have the best of hotels or the most of river delights. These provide you with memories of a land that is beyond imagination and is best with the ideal sights of a great travel destination.

Ganges River Cruise

The River Ganga is a great water body and the sheer vastness of the sights is what makes tours here greatly exciting and memorable. There are many cruises that are offered here which give you the best of tour experiences. Take the 12 nights 13 days cruise experience which takes you around from Kolkata to Varanasi and back. You would cross the areas of Kalna , Murshidabad, matiarai, Jangipur, Farakka, Raj Mahal, karagola, Bateshwartsthan, Munger, Sultanganj, Nalanda,  and Bodhgaya.

The River Ganga cruise is a very enchanting experience in this part of India and is an ideal way to enjoy tours to Bengal.

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