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Windstar Cruises – An Overview

Windstar Cruises is based in Seattle, and is owned by Holland America Line ( H A L ) which is in turn owned by Carnival Corp. The cruise line is known for being unique among all firms part of the cruise industry. The line is famous for its splashy tag line as well, “180 º from Ordinary”, which defines what the line is all about, Windstar Cruises company is anything but the ordinary, and stands out in terms of almost everything they do. The company was the first to make waves in the cruising industry in the mid 1980s by providing a more stylish and intimate option to the run of the mill cruise ships that were then prevalent.

The mid sized cruise vessels have billowing sails that turn heads whichever region they sail in. The medium size makes sure that there is no impersonality, and there is a sort of intimacy to the cruise experience that is unlike other ships of nowadays. There are some heavenly accommodations incorporated, as well as some extremely attentive service provided. These elegant ships, being equipped with a range of modern conveniences as well as some comfortable interiors and impeccable dining options are among the top most in luxury and comfort.

The medium size is also responsible for one more remarkable advantage. The ships in the Windstar Cruises fleet can stop at all sorts of destinations and travel through locations that are unthinkable for many large ships. There are a number of itineraries that are unique to Windstar, and there is no dearth to hidden harbors and other exotic locales. The ships part of the Windstar Cruises fleet sail on itineraries to a variety of destinations all over the world, and these are inclusive of the South Pacific, Europe, Far East, Caribbean. The ships attract attention each time for their unique looks.

Windstar Cruise Lines’s first ship was the Wind Star, which was built in the year 1986. At the time, the ship was the first commercial sailing ship which was built since more than 60 years. The Wind star was built in France, at Le Havre, and was dry docked there. The towering sail evoked a feeling of adventure that one associated with the bygone eras of exploration, however, the insides of the ship were completely modern with computerized workings, and motorized controls. The masted sail yachts ( M S Y’s ), as the Windstar cruise ships are called officially, have unfurling sails that get into position in less than 2 minutes. The sailing functions are operated by computer chips and special navigation devices.

Along with the 148 passenger Wind Star, the Wind Song joined in, in the year 1987 and the Msy Wind Spirit in 1988, Wind Surf in 1990, plus a number of others . There are itineraries offered to more than hundred ports all over Europe, French Pacific, The Caribbean and the Far East.

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