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Greek Cruise Delights

Visit Europe and bask in the delight of the Greek cruises here. The Royal Caribbean gives the best chance to see the history, and is also a spectacular manner in which one should spend the holidays here. Greece is really blessed with a lot of lovely natural ambience and lovely history that shows some of the most interesting relics here.

In a Royal Caribbean Greek cruise, you would get chance to explore the islands in Greece and you would also experience the beauty of not only the old but also the new Mediterranean immediately. Whether it is the ancient wonders of the Acropolis or the busy Theater of Dionysus the lovely experiences is something one likes to take back home to. There is the Santorini Island, which is striving to get the best of tourist delights, and so there is something for everyone to do in these cruises.

Katakolon is a lovely sea town in the western part of Ilia in the Pyrgos municipality. The entire town centre is actually in side a gulf that faces the Ionian Sea. Katakolon is located on a peninsula and has a magnificent lighthouse in the southwestern side. The Katakolon Lighthouse was initially opened in the year 1865 and the town has around 612 people living here.

Greek Cruise

Katakolon is actually the entry to Olympia and is the place where the ancient Greeks thronged every four years and this has ben happening for more than a millennium now. The Greeks used to assemble every four years for more than a millenium and celebrated the sacred games that were then dedicated to the Greek God Zeus. There is a sanctuary here, which is another attraction. It has lovely quadrangles and it also has a temple stadium and treasures. There is an archaeological museum, which is actually a storehouse of archaic sculptures alongwith Classical and Roman sculptures. It also has the Niki Winged Victory Museum.

Greece is the place where the first Olympics were ever held. So you can go and have a look at this beautiful place. You can also see where the Greek mythology began here in the Katakolon port. Greece is where the sporting event the Olympics was held and you could have a historical landmark and treasure it very well.

Katakolon Greece Port

One normally comes on a cruise here and takes a guided tour in the Olympia Museum. You can also enjoy the heat of the summer here and bask in the delights of this beautiful land. There is a sanctuary of antiquity, which has been kept in memory of the father of the Greek God Zeus. Olympias is the place the Olympic Games were held first.

The MSC Poenia is a ship that sails in the Katakolon harbour. Katakolon is a Romanized version. This is a village that has deep water and also the hustle bustle of a tourist village.

Katakolon port has deep waters and has two large piers. This is for the Greek cruise ships where Katakolon is staging point for the tours to places like the ruins of Olympia and all.

MSC Cruises

MSC cruises are very popular here and are a unique mainstream cruise line here in the land of Europe. It is a privately owned ship and is very popular in the international lines. It caters to all the requirements of the people on it. Venice is a favourite halt of all who come on this cruise liner.

The cruise liner looks majestic, is a beautiful way to travel on, and provides you with the best kind of travel delight.

Greece is a country that should not be missed and Greek cruises are even more interesting.

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