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Cruises in Germany


Germany is a lovely cruise destination providing the maximum pleasures of travel and delight. During the holiday season you can sail along the beautiful River Main lying between Nuremberg and Frankfurt and embark on those interesting cruises organized here.

Explore the pleasures of the Bavarian and Franconian regions of Germany and get enchanted by the delights of touring the lovely ruins of sandstone of the Heidelberg Castle. The ride along the Romantic Road to beautiful locale called Rothenberg and the visual delights of Nuremberg is something that has to be a must see. Experience the best of world famous Christmas markets in the beautiful locals in Germany and enjoy all this and more in cruises in Germany.

Cruises here feature a lot of sights like the Germany market gardens, and the beautiful locales here. The cruises normally begin from Nuremberg after you are brought here from the airport. Relax and board here and settle down to enjoying the beautiful explorations in this historic city and bask in the pleasures of a great tour delight.

Germany Cruises

While at Nuremberg, take a tour of the most important landmarks here in the city and enjoy the absolutely fascinating Christmas market in the Old Town’s Main Market Square. See the booths, which have the best of colourful ornaments and fascinating treats. Here is where you also get nutcrackers and wooden toys and where you get the golden curls of the Christkind. According to the locals, Christkind is an angle who brings toys for the children in Germany. Here you get the delicious lebkuchen, which is a traditional German food. Made of gingerbread it is very popular and famous and enjoyed by all food lovers. Then you would get sausages or bratwurst and hot spiced wine or gluhwein. Spend the afternoon and explore the whole of Nuremberg and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Cruises here get more interesting when you visit Bamberg which is a World UNESCO heritage site and where you would have the best of tour memories. Walking tours here are very common and the sight of the 11th century cathedral, which is today seen in a late Romanesque style, is something very valuable as a travel kitty. Built in the 13th century, structures here are very enchanting. It is said that there is a picturesque city hall that was constructed on an island lying in the centre of a river. Walk around Bamberg and enjoy the route of nativity scenes and see how well the crèche displays many churches, public spaces, and museums.

UNESCO World Heritage site in Germany

The next day you could go to Gerlachshausen and embark here. This is incidentally one of the two charming cruise destinations here. Walk through Wurzburg and go round the Bishop’s Residenz, which is a lovely baroque palace, which has many frescoes and paintings that give you a great sense for this absolutely magical town. Take a ride in the deluxe motorcoach in the Romantic Road and enjoy the sights around. As you reach Rothenburg, you would be enchanted to see how this place comes alive in cruise pleasures.

Then cruise along to Wertheim, which is situated in the junction of the River Tauber and River Main, and enjoy the German ambience here. Life here is something very interesting and different so do keep some free time to go round the Wertheim’s Christmas market and explore the entire area to your heart’s content. You can proceed to Freudenberg and set aboard a ship. There is a traditional custom of glassblowing art in Wertheim, which is a greatly interesting travel experience in cruises in Germany.

River Tauber in Germany

From here, you can come to Frankfurt and take a day’s break and enjoy the excursion to Heidelberg, which is where you have the oldest German university. This was founded in the year 1386 and you would find the sandstone ruins of the Heidelberg castle here that was actually built in the 12th century. Here your walk ends at the Old Town and you would love to see the marketplace here. The charm of being here and the pleasures of being in this place is something that has to be experienced to be believed.

Cruises in Germany thus are very interesting and filled with a lot of things to see and do. Enjoy your travels here and take back with you a valuable travel kitty.

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