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Intermingling Of Arab And African Culture: Tunis (La Goulette)


Even though the city, Tunis, dwells beside the great Carthage, the place has left with little resemblance of the Punic period, from sixth century BC to one hundred and forty six century BC, and of the Phoenicians people who lived there. That’s because of the Romans who were ruling over Carthage had shattered the whole place during third Punic War.

But the city, Tunis, is now the modern metropolis with more than 2 million populations. This city attracts tourist from all over the world because of its mix culture of Arab and African and it is even open-minded compared to North African neighbors. But the Arabic there is interspersed with French because it was colonized by the French. The city is divided into two sections: old Arab town and Ville Nouvelle which was created by the French.

The port, La Goulette, is just six miles away from the downtown of Tunis. The most convenient way to travel in Tunis City is by TMG trains which are an outstanding metro system. The port’s name is drawn from the ‘gullet’, the strait where the city is situated. The place is secured, safe and convenient to travel by train because it’s well connected to all destinations.

La Goulette port tunis

Tunis is full of excursions, counting trips such as eye-catching uptown community of Sidi Bou Said, resorts of the Cape Bon Peninsula, the old port of Bizerte to the north of Tunis and various ruins of Utica Thurburbo Majis. It feels good to visit and see the country side places but what if you have just one day for sight seeing, and most worthwhile places are just around Tunis.

The foremost to begin with is the Ancient Carthage which was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC to end the Third Punic War. Luckily, some ruins and bits of the Roman Era still exist in the huge archaeological place such as Roman theater and bath. The baths here are among the biggest Roman public bath that can be visited in the Mediterranean region. The Carthage is also enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

The next place is the National Museum which is at top of Byrsa hill with stunning upper view of entire Carthage. The museum show informative details of the Carthage and displays some rare artifacts found at the place. It is opened daily, timing: 8 am to 7 pm.

Zitouna MosqueThe old medina which dates 18th century BC is the appealing for most of the tourist and the new Medina is the western side of the Tunis which was made by the French. The easy way for cruisers to the Medina is via the Bab Bhar / Porte De France from its eastern side, just less than a mile from the train. You can wander throughout the day watching the mazes and colorful marketplace in Medina. But best places to see are Zitouna Mosque and the Dar Ben Abdullah museum.

The Zitouna Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Tunisia. The building dates from 8th century BC and some of the columns resembles from the Roman structure. The Dar Ben Abdullah museum was formerly a palace which is now turned into museum. The museum exhibits the local culture and history of the place. They also have remarkable costume collection.

The other sightseeing places are the markets also known as souks which aren’t as famous as Istanbul but you will find variety of things that will interest you. There are two biggest markets; Souq el Attarine market, is famous for Fezes, means red cap and the Grand Souq Des Chechias market which is famous for its perfume.

Other final destination is the Bardo Museum which has splendid collected works of roman era mosaic, gathered from different places in Tunisia. Just as the most of the palaces turned into museum, this museum is also was grandeur palace of its time. To reach this place, you have to catch line 4 railway of TMG train system.

Bardo Museum

If you are still spared with time, there are two more places you can visit; Tourbet el Bey is a tomb of Ottoman Bey who was once a ruler of the land which is now known as Tunisia. The tiles work and architecture of the tomb are very impressive it features eastern architectural style. And other is Dar Lasram palace which is well known for its vastly multi-colored tiled courtyard.

Besides sightseeing in Tunis, something as prize to take home from here will be hand- made pottery and ceramic products, silver and leather. As the craftsman here are highly considered for their products.

The beaches to the south of Tunis are good to swim in. Due to the long coastline, the water sports are also interesting to experience. Near the port, there is a Carthage Golf course of eighteen holes facility made for the golf lovers.

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