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Lost in the 16th century Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik, popularly known as the Pearl of the Adriatic is located on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia in Europe. The charisma of this city lies on the street life and also in its medieval character which was interrupted by the combination of Gothic, renaissance and Baroque architecture. Here in this city you will get plenty of attractions to explore which is unpredictably amazing. Its marble paved squares and fountains blanket the Stari Grad all will transport to the 13th century period. The pedestrian old town is today recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Just book a ticket to the port of Dubrovnik and experience something that you have never seen before. The ships dock at the port of Gruz which is located at a distance of 2.5 kilometres towards northwest of Old Town. From the port you can ride to the Old Town that takes nearly 10 minutes to reach to the Old Town. Instead of this, many cruise lines ever offer free shuttle bus services that will take you into the center of the town. The harbor’s bay offers beautiful sights to see and explore.

Dubrovnik Croatia

The Gruz harbour, where cruises ships berth offer many sites to the tourists. Gruz is the main port of Dubrovnik and along with that Gruz holds the biggest marketplace and a main bus station called Libertas of Dubrovnik. This port is capable of housing large passenger cruise ships that lie in a naturally protected bay. The climate of Dubrovnik is of typical Mediterranean which is followed by mild, rainy winters and also hot dry summers. The cruise season starts from the months of April to October. Peak season in Croatia is the month of July and August and during that time all the major destinations remains hot and jam-packed. So try visiting in the months of May to June or September to October when much crowd will not be there and you can simply enjoy the pleasant weather.

Tourists get attracted to walk around the Old Town where you can experience many sites. The 16th century ancient sites start when you enter the Pile Gate towards the Old Town. Ultimately, you will feel a sudden jerk that will take you to another place and time. Take a tour of the inspiring city walls that is surrounded the city for 6,364 feet. To enter the walls you have to pay 6 euro as an entrance fee. Lots of coffee shops, restaurants and refreshment sports are available at the wall. So just enjoy the tour. Inside the walls you will get Franciscan Monastery that is a house to the oldest pharmacy of Europe that dates back to 1391 and even today it is functioning.

Gothic Rectors PalaceThe wall tour will offer you many sites so go on ahead to explore St. Blaise’s Church and the Gothic Rector’s Palace which was built in the year 1441. You will also get to see the mind-blowing Dubrovnik Museum. Further, opposite to the Rector’s Palace there is a busy morning market located. Try shopping if you want. The Sponza Palace in Luza Square is the most attractive sight of this city so, do not miss this opportunity. And if you get tired of touring then just take a break at number of open air cafes that line the side streets. If you are little adventurous kind of personality then head to one of the beaches towards the southeast of the city. Dubrovnik offers some outstanding dive spots.

To enjoy more outstanding shopping and good restaurants, visit the small boat harbour. Remember, a trip to Dubrovnik will never be completed unless you walk along the old city walls. So make it your first spot to explore. Plenty of bars and restaurants are available at this place where tourists enjoy swimming or getting tan from the sunshine. Here you can buy lace, embroidery, wood carvings, cramics, tapestries, jewelry, leather and wooden products. So try shopping at several shops and galleries that are located in Placa which is in the main street of Old Town. The pedestrian streets also offer many small and unique boutiques. The shops will worth a lot so do explore them. The city is very clean so you can enjoy shopping at this Old section as well. Well, you can also try shopping around the small boat harbour where many shops and vendors sell a variety of products.

St. Blaise's ChurchAfter exploring all these sites, do visit some more attractions of this city like Dominican Monastery, Church of St Blaise, Naval Museum, Aquarium and War Photo Ltd. When you are exploring the city of Dubrovnik, do try its cuisines as well. The Adriatic coast is well-known for its seafood dishes. Well, regional wines are just excellent. You will get people speaking in Croat languages where population of Dubrovnik is 43,770. The city enjoys republican government where Roman Catholic Croats and small communities of Eastern Orthodox Serbs, Protestants, Jews and Muslim religions live. So make yourself comfortable at the new place and try to mix with the people who are very friendly. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has many attractions to offer to the tourists who throng here from all over the world.

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