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Check-out the colorful coral reefs on your way to Jordan through Aqaba cruise

‘To Aqaba,’ whimpered Peter O’Toole in the epic film of Sam Lean, Lawrence from Arabia, coated in Wadi Rum of Jordon. Those everlasting words are spring to chime inside your ears when you glide into this momentous harbor. Obviously, Lawrence as well as the grown with the Bedouin tribes who belonged to the Arab Revolt would have advanced the township crosswise the desert to a certain extent than by the seaway as well as would as a result have missed out the amazing panorama enjoyed by the majority of cruise vessel travelers, of the stranded Gulf of Aqaba, circled by reddish-brown barren region mountains. A number of Aqaba’s aged history stays among the graceful original resorts of beloved seashore township of Aqaba.

Aqaba port Jordan


Aqaba port is merely a way in by the seaway to Jordan, moreover the sea is actually extraordinary, along with its fantastic submerged coral reefs as well as dazzling sandy beaches, it is a modest wonder, a huge number of people arrive here in groups for rest as well as relaxation. Aqaba is as well the seaport of entrance for having a trip to the city of Petra, which is the best-known visitor attraction all across Jordan and is known to be one of the authorized novel “Seven Wonders of the World”. Engraved out of the malleable, rose-colored sandstone, Petra is popularly known as ‘Pink City’ and is fairly purely a must-explore destination across the world of Jordan tourism.

Petra jordan



Experience being feeling shorter the extremely tall cliffs of the well-known canyon in the city of Petra.


You will surely love to check out the site of this particular huge and extra-ordinary tomb, it is placed at the rear end of the famous cliffs of Siq


Explore the beautiful colors of the setting sun sitting just in the façade of the iconic tomb, sitting here and sipping tea is an experience in its kind.

Wadi Rum

Get on the back of the camel to have a ride across the outstanding sand desert, the place is known to be the dwelling place of the Bedouin, who are known to be the local’s of Jordan.

wadi rum


The city of Jordan posses a wealthy inheritance of craft as well as a number of small scale industries, which lives beneath the imperial investment and making sure that the excellent weaving skills as well as embroidery and also the creation of mosaic, persist to flourish in the current bazaar. Exclusively Jordanian mementos consist of kilims (which are the hand-woven carpets), minuscule mosaics, tattooed or painted ostrich eggs as well as containers of colored sand by way of complicated designs. Aqaba is a predominantly excellent region to purchase beads as well as Bedouin jewellery made in silver.

Eating Out

Enjoy your evening trying the mouth-watering starters, locally known as mezze. You can attempt any of the mezze from tabouleh, foul, hummus, kube, etc. Don’t forget to taste the most popular fish dish of Aqaba, which is known as Sayadiesh, which is served along with, onions, tomatoes and rice.

When to visit Aquaba

Aqaba is temperate as well as stunning seaport with experiences an irregular rainfall starting from the month of October which continues up to April as well as despondently hot plus humid climate in summer season (June-August). The city of Petra, which is located in the hills, is comparatively cooler all throughout the year as well as receives sporadic snow. Wadi Rum is quite hot as well as arid by daylight hours plus indignantly cold during night.

The local language of the city is basically Arabic, at the same time English as well as French and widespread spoken.


A huge popular part of the populations, of the city, are Sunni Muslim, more over you will come across Shi’a as well as Druze minorities of Muslim. A considerable minority of Greek Orthodox Christian mainly reside in the various villages in the region of Madaba, hill city.

Social Conventions

Handshaking is the regular type of salutation. Jordanians are exceedingly friendly and are eager to notify tourists regarding their civilization. Islam cooperates an imperative position in the social order as well as it is indispensable that various Muslim practices are to be admired. The left hand is strictly reserved for ablutions. Visitors are required to wear modest clothes, which covers knees as well as shoulders.


By and large, around 16% service charge is mostly added to your bill in hotels as well as restaurants; thus extra tips are optional.

Additional Information:

Time Zone – GMT + 2.

Currency – Dinar [DJ] = 100o fils.

Location – West brim of Dead sea as well as eastern shoreline of Jordan.

Closest Destination –Aqaba

Relocate Distance – 2.5 km.

Relocate Time – 15 minutes.

Relocate Time – 5 minutes.

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