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Stroll across the untouched island of Corsica


The untouched Corsica Island blends the most excellent of Italy as well as France with its fashionable and attractive beach resorts plus spectacular mountain series. Those coming to the island by means of boat will observe why Corsica Island has been acknowledged as a ‘mountain in the sea’, as it swanks almost 50 peaks that stretches more than 2,000 m.

Cruise tourists can glance frontward to seafaring into a fine-looking bay along with mountains at the base of the township. Ajaccio is the capital of the island as well as is the majority famed for being the origin as well as premature house of Napoleon Bonaparte. If truth be told, the so-called ‘Cité Impériale’ even today carries an impressive cultural as well as architectural air.

Corsica Island


The shore asphalt road cafes as well as palm-lined concourses of Ajaccio are those places that are the must-see of the region as well as be seen despite the fact that taking in the good-looking bay sights. Its Old Town, immediately off the waterfront, is a smaller amount arrogant with dappled squares as well as antique alleyways to travel around.


Maison Bonaparte Musee Nationale

The town which was established in the year 1769, is regarded as the birthplace of the famed son of the town, and has been changed into a museum.

Fesch Museum

House to one of the few mainly imperative assortments of the Italian paintings, available in France which includes popular works by Raphael, Botticelli, Veronese as well as Titian.


Immediately in the exterior of Ajaccio, this is a pleasant breeding as well as guard centre for turtles as well as tortoises from all across the entire world.



An astonishing site, which is almost 8000 yrs old with a numbers of menhirs (commonly known as stone monoliths).

Prunelli Gorges

Walking is the barely way to do the splendid island panorama fairness as well as an effortless half-day amble in the midst of these gorges proffers astonishing sights of the inland as well as transversely Ajaccio Bay.

Prunelli Gorges


A lot of shops in Ajaccio are fashionable as well as luxurious (costs of almost all products are elevated than on Italy and mainland France) selling fashionable French as well as Italian trademark names. Crafts as well as Arts consist of leatherwork, local painting, pottery as well as wood carving. Produits Corse, frequently food items, point to items made on (and repeatedly limited to) the islet. Charcuteries as well as Corsican cheeses are distinguished.

Eating Out

Exceptional cheeses as well as charcuterie are everywhere. Worth looking for are cannelloni al brocciu as well as fiadone (a kind of cheesecake); together of which make use of the islet cheese brocciu. As well superior are fish soup, local fish, mussels, as well as veal, served along with green olives.


French is the primary island of the island, moreover English is widely used.


A huge part of the total populations are Roman Catholic with, the major area being Protestant, at the same time you will come across Jewish, Muslim, as well as unaffiliated minorities.

Social Conventions

Shaking hands as well as, additional informally, kissing both sides of the cheeks, are the standard forms of salutation. The structure of personal address is purely Monsieur otherwise Madame devoid of a surname. Mealtimes are repeatedly a lengthy, relaxed experience. Also there is a forbid on smoking in various public places, which includes bars as well as restaurants.


Around 12% to 15% service charge is in general added to your actual bill in hotels, as well as restaurants and also bars, even though it is expected to abscond little change along with the expense if the service has been predominantly superior.

Additional Information:

Time Zone – GMT + 2.

Currency – Euro (€) = 100 cents.

Location – Western coastline of Corsica, Mediterranean.

Closest Destination – France

Relocate Distance – 2.2 km.

Relocate Time – 15 minutes.

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