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Venice: Where water and land meet

When it comes about cruise destinations in the Mediterranean then I will say Venice is one of the best ports that offer magnificent sights throughout the city. Venice is among the busiest cruise ports in the Mediterranean and is located in Italy, Europe. Approximately, 500 ship and 700,000 cruise passengers every year comes to be a part of this fantastic beauty of the nature. The Venice Cruise Terminal lies close of 4 kilometres causeway that connects the historic city with the mainland. The terminal is also called as Terminal Venezia Passeggeri and comprises of two main areas which is Maritima basin and the San Basilio pier. The Marittima basin can handle the largest ships and the San Basilio pier is just around the curve in the Giudecca Canal.

The port gets end from where the watery city starts. The port lies at a walking distance of Piazzale Roma and the land and water meets at this site. It is also a start of Grand Canal which is quite strange and most cordial high street in the world. After docking at the port you can experience high-flying buildings everywhere that touches the sky and is simple to fall back through the centuries. Well, from the Grand Canal one can see the major tourist throng areas in the city with narrow canals and could experience women hanging out their washing and little osterias which is the bars. The city of Venice very much looks like a museum but is actually a vibrant city that offers plenty of attractions to the tourists.

Venice port for cruise ships
Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that showcases many various sights. Many people just wait to take a glance of famous faces of the city that you may have seen many times in print, or on TV or on films. When I went to Venice I saw many attractions that are glorifying the city’s beauty. So for sightseeing I took a Vaporetto which is a public bus from Piazzale Roma and traveled along the wide artery of the Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco which is also called as St Mark’s Square and is the heart if the city. This is the best site I have ever seen. If you want to see Venice with a single glance then reach to this place and have fun.

Basilica di San MarcoThe Grand Canal is rowed with the Palazzi of rich merchant’s right from the Moorish palaces with thin windows which was once chosen in gold tracery to the Renaissance facades. You will get all the curved arches and classical symmetry. I enjoyed the best interesting sights by walking for a short distance and also through a short boat ride from St Mark’s. Few of the major worth visiting highlights of Venice are Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Galleria dell’Accademia, Ponte Rialto, Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Scuola Grande di San Rocco and Collezione Peggy Guggenheim.

While strolling down the streets I have also enjoyed good shopping experiences. So you should try shopping at the colorful independent shops of Venice. There are many tourist interested things that are available at the markets. Visit Mercerie which is the busy streets that run from Piazza San Marco to Rialto and buy some good foodstuffs. Carnival masks, hand printed and marbled writing papers, glass from the island of Murano, Italian designer clothes and leatherware all are available at this streets. Get the Emilio Ceccato, on Sottoportego di Rialto, San Polo that is specialized in gondoliers’ outfits.

Also try some of the specialities in Venice like Fegato alla veneziana, Baccala alla vicentina, Radicchio rosso di treviso, Seppie al nero, cichetti, tramezzini and local wines like Prosecco, Soave, Bardolino and Valpolicella. Visit such magnificent place when it offers pleasant climate. Crowd occurs at a huge number during the Mediterranean summer and which makes us uncomfortable. So most of the visitors come out of season when swirls of haze and cold winds go down upon the canals. All you need is to be aleart from the flooding during winter.

For cheapest accommodation you should move towards the railway station and also in Piazza San Marco. The nearby areas that are surrounding these sites hold good hotels where you can stay. Besides cruise, those who want to visit Venice by rail then the Santa Lucia Station will take you in and by air the Venice Marco Polo is the best option. The currency of Venice is Euro and the language spoken here is Italian. However, the population of Venice is 61,820 bell towerbut enjoys kingdom of Italy government which was declared in the year 1861 and since 1946 the city is enjoying the republic government.

The majority of the religion in Venice is Roman Catholic with Muslim and Protestant minorities. A week is really short to explore this minute city. Wherever you turn your eyes you will get beautiful attractions welcoming you. The bell tower is a wonderful experience. To explore a city that has magnificent architectural buildings is a dream come true for me. I wish to be there again and explore some more attractions of this electrifying city called Venice. While returning back by cruise my eyes were dreaming continuously without blinking for a moment. Surroundings and the water always draws attention of visitors and generates a romantic mood to explore the areas.

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