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Aruba Sees 32 pc Rise in Cruise Visitors in 2011

Aruba Ports Authority has stated that in the months of Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May, more than forty thousand additional cruise visitors have visited the island of Aruba. This is an increase by thirty two percent, as compared to the number of passengers in the year 2010.

This augment also features the 101, 363 (one hundred one thousand three hundred sixty three) passengers in the month of March. This is a simply record breaking figure.

In the first five months, from Jan to May, the calls made by cruise ships to Aruba have risen by twenty per cent. The port had 203 (two hundred and three) calls in total. This was an increase from 183(one hundred eighty three) in 2010.

Until May this year, the total number of cruise visitors that have set foot in Aruba is 368,860 (three hundred and sixty eight thousand eight hundred and sixty). This is a definite increase from last year’s numbers – 38, 795 (thirty eight thousand seven hundred and ninety five), to be precise.

During the Jan to Mar 2011 period, 155, 085 ( one hundred and fifty five thousand and eighty five ) crew members arrived to the island. This was a growth of

A total of crew members arrived during the period from January until May 2011, representing a growth of 37, 945 ( thirty seven thousand nine hundred and forty five ) crew members from last year.

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