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Live the best life in Osaka

The port of Osaka is rapidly increasing its services just to satisfy all of the passengers, crews and shipping lines. The number of tourists is growing every year making it one of the best tourist destinations. It is the maritime gateway to the well-known historical cities, Kyoto and Nara and is also very close to Kansai International Airport. Large cruise ships are also docks here. When I went to explore Osaka, I was firstly fascinated with such an amazing port in between the waters. While traveling by cruise I enjoyed all the scenic beauties that boosted my interest ahead and made me to think how exactly the city will be.

Osaka has always been at the centre of life in Japan. As it is the gateway to mainland Asia, new ideas in science, culture and philosophy has become the base of the city. During the 7th century, Osaka was considered as the capital and some mischievous Osakans even today predicts that some day the city will again become a capital. What is more impressive is its dramatic buildings everywhere, great developments on the land and also into the ocean, and splendid nature of the city. Traditional tourist sites are not so much as the city experienced devastations during the World War II. But still there are many glittering surroundings and great restaurants make the city superb. In fact, the shopping experience was remarkable.

osaka port
I saw two parts of Osaka and both are totally different. One offered me olden or traditional look and the other with modernization. Well, the Kita or north district is very modern where I experienced striking arrays of skyscrapers and state-of-the-art shopping arcades. Where as, Minami which is the south district even today preserved the style of old Osaka. The buildings and streets in the south district are built to a smaller scale but still it remains busy and lively.Enjoying the panoramas of the city from water, or on Aqua Liner waterbus, or on land in luxury tour coaches all gives stunning beauty of the city. No doubt, it is a magnificent site where a tourist will never say no to visit.

Umeda Sky BuildingOsaka has crossed more than 1,000 years but still its history is alive and became a part of today’s futuristic cityscape, cutting edge architecture and modern industry. Like Tokyo this city is also a great place to wander and discover the vibrant streets. No wonder, the city is bustling and hard working that brings creative, energetic, versatile and friendly feelings. For sightseeing there are plenty of places especially the 400 year old castle, museums, picturesque shrines and lush gardens are lovely. The Umeda Sky Building is one of the major attractions of Osaka that offers open air Floating Garden Observatory. I was simply at the height of 173 metres from where magnificent views were unpredictable.

To experience the city’s development, head to the Osaka Museum of History and to experience the insight into the natural world, the Osaka Science Museum with planetarium will offer you the best views. And what to say about the huge Kayukan aquarium, it is a home to some 30,000 sea creatures. Now you yourself think about what I am saying how I enjoyed these great attractions. Those who are interested to explore the temples and shrines can also visit the famous Simiyoshi Taisha Shrine which is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. I also visited the Universal Studios of Osaka where I enjoyed a kind of theme park fun with many rides, shows and restaurants.

Festival GateBesides all these attractions, Osaka has some more highlights and if you get time then do explore few of them like Dotombori nightlife area, National Bunraku (Puppet) Theatre, Kamigata Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) Museum, Spa World and Festival Gate. All these are the famous attractions and worth visiting sites to explore. This eco-tourism place has hundreds of sightseeing options where a tourist is a bound to visit for more than a week so that he can explore as much areas of Osaka as possible. Whenever I went to other cities or countries I always make myself rushing to eat the popular food. So I liked the okonomiyaki which is the local speciality of the area and also the top notch kaiseki food that gave so much of pleasure to my stomach.

The best time to visit such a magnificent place is during the months of March to May when spring occurs and also autumn will make your days great that occurs from September to November. Also during these time crowds remain less and temperatures also could be experienced mild and when it comes about spring and autumn the blossoms and fiery beauty makes the place even more stunning. Some of the information of this place which you need to know is its currency which is Japanese Yen and language no doubt is Japanese.

The population here is 2.6 million and enjoys constitutional monarchy. Most of the religions here are Shintoism and also Buddhism with some Christian minority. For visa you need to check it from your embassy. Well, Japan is quite strict so visa is anyways needed. What I experienced here is all together excellent and I never stop advertising this beauty to my friends. So, go there once to enjoy its beauty.

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