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Amsterdam: An eternal beauty


Amsterdam, a famous place in Europe has millions of things to offer. Tourists just love to be there again and again. It is the capital of Netherlands and also a largest city of it. Well, a popular city has always something to offer its tourists and brings a spark in them to explore it entirely. This city lies in the province of North Holland in the western side of Netherlands. The population of this country is more than 1.36 million. The name Amsterdam is derived from Amstellerdam that indicates a dam in the river Amstel.

This city was settled as a tiny fishing village during the late 12th century and today it is among the most significant ports in the world right from the Dutch Golden Age resulting in the developments of trade. Culturally and financially this city is the capital of Netherlands and serves to its best for the visitors who come here from each and every corner of the world. This city is among the most well-known cruise destinations in Europe. Millions of attractions are just flourishing here to give a pleasant and amazing experience.

Amsterdam city

It is not only rich in its history but also offers architectural history like the oldest building in Amsterdam which is named as Oude Kerk means Old Church and lies at the heart of the Wallen. This architectural structure was built in the year 1306. You can see plenty of architectural structures like het Houten Huys which is a fantastic example of Gothic architecture and others that was built during 16th to 20th century. Every year nearly 3.66 million international visitors come to visit Amsterdam by making this city among the most renowned tourist destinations.

As it is a well-known cruise destination, there are nearly 165 canals from where you will get captivating sights including the historic architecture. If you are traveling by a cruise then your ship will dock at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam situated near the central station. From here all the major attractions can be accessed at a short distance. Amsterdam is a set of outstanding museums and galleries as well. So just walk around the well-known Red Light district that has many attractions to offer you.

RijksmuseumTo get the best sights a cruise visitor should flow straight on a boat tour down the canals and move around the charming harbour. A good point for all the visitors is that most of the historic attractions are at walking distance from each other along with the main museums and galleries. To move around you have tram and bus network available that provides links ahead to the other sites. The major highlights of Amsterdam are Rijksmuseum which is a National Museum, Anne Frankhuis also known as Anne Frank House, Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Heineken Experience, Vondelpark and Van Gogh Museum. You can also enjoy your day at the red light district as well where the colourful lights are just the beginning of the wonderful night. The Red Light District has a huge area with tall buildings all over and gets crowded as the time passes ahead.

KalverstraatAfter boarding there, you can start exploring the city and also do shopping at more than 10,000 shops. The major central shopping areas are Leidsestraat, Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. You can head to both the international and local shops. International specialities like fashion labels, books, arts and antiques are available and locally diamonds, cheese, stoneware bottles of jenever that is Dutch gin and blue Delft china could be purchased. Besides this, Amsterdam has many cafes, bars and street side stalls available where you can simply hang on and get something to eat. Try the broodjes which is actually filled rolls and matjes which is cured herring are the most popular stuff that people love to eat here.

Visit Amsterdam during spring and summer seasons. The climate is typical for the northwestern side of Europe. Winter season sometimes get too cold and wet even. You should carry your waterproofs with you as rainfalls can occur anytime throughout the year. You can take a tour and explore every corner of Amsterdam. It’s a dazzling place that will make you feel like heaven. Waters, lightings all around, monuments, nature all makes this place a wonderland. A tour to the Keukenhof Gardens and Tulip Fields will give you lot of pleasant experiences and you will never let it go out of your sight for the rest of your life.

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