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Athens: A city of Ancient Greece

Athens, an oldest wonder has numerous sites to offer you. Each and every corner of Athens has something special that should be explored. As it is an ancient marvel, you can see all the remains exists even today and explore the deep history of Athens. It has many classical monuments which is the most popular among other old monuments in the world. The modern Athens was established in the year 1834 when it was declared as the capital of a recently independent Greece. No wonder, you will get flattered by visiting at such a historic world that is mounting its attractions day-by-day.

Athens is the largest city and capital of Greece in Europe. It is among the oldest cities in the world that has a record of surviving even today from past 3,400 years. It has a population of 745,514 and covers a land area of about 39 square miles. The major port that serves the city of Athens is Piraeus that is located at a distance of 12 kilometres to the southwestern direction of Athens. Athens is living its life prior to the fifth century BC. It is an era that saw the creation of immense traditional buildings like the Parthenon. Today, Parthenon is considered as the icon of Ancient Greece. This is among the most popular classical monuments in the entire world. Athens is dominated by the hill of the Acropolis.

Athens Greece

A worth visiting place down the Acropolis must not be missed at all. It’s an old quarter of the town called Palka and you should be there to explore it. The speciality is its rustic tavernas, souvenir shops and picturesque narrow alleys. To get the best views of this entire city called Athens, you should travel on a cable car right up to Mount Lycabettus which is the uppermost point of Athens and is crowned by a chapel and also a bar-restaurant.

To enjoy the other sites of Athens get to know that which cruise companies offer half-day excursions to the temple of Poseidon that is situated at Sounio. Many cruise companies even offer a day excursions to Ancient Corinth and Mycenae or Delphi which is actually an archaeological sites. Cruise trips are always proved the best as you can flow with the waves of water and on the same time you can take views of attractions around. Cruises takes halt at respective ports in some cities from where you can start exploring the major attractions. Athens is not only a bunch of ancient archaeological monuments but also possess something very special that draws attention of every people in the world.

Acropolis athensFew of the key attractions where you must visit are Acropolis which is a home to three ancient temples along with the Parthenon, New Acropolis Museum, Ancient Agoraeus and Hadrian’s Arch, National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum, Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art and Byzantine Museum. These attractions are the major one that has worth to visit and comes under the category of must visiting sites in Athens, so do not miss it! Well, for any certain kind of information you can log on to www.gnto.gr.

Culturally, Athens has a deep background that you might have understood now, but here are some tips to those who are planning a vacation to Athens. The Greek people truly feel proud of their cultural heritage and the Greek Orthodox Church has a powerful impact on society, particularly when it comes about rural areas. So, visitors should dress well, casuals will be better and their legs and shoulders should remain covered when they enter Churches. Do not throw anything back of the head as it is considered as a negative gesture. In fact, smoking is totally forbidden on public transport and also in public buildings.

While you start exploring the city you should go to buy something for your loved ones. So for shopping you should know that this city is the hub for luxury goods and local handicrafts. In Planka you will get many souvenir shops and also Monastiraki flea market from where you can buy much stuff. The shops in Planka and market both are situated down the Acropolis and remains jam-packed during the high season and also during special purchases that comprises of gold and silver jewellery, hand painted pottery, leather goods and carpets that was stimulated by furs and Turkish. Besides these, Greek wines and spirits, olives and olive oil are also among the good buys in the market. So try your little hand in shopping and make yourself used to with the environment and also with the inhabitants.

To taste the best food of Athens you will get fresh, seasonal, Mediterranean ingredients. The use of olive oil is too rich. Greek cuisines are always based on these ingredients and some of the well-known food is something that is prepared from fresh seafood, charcoal grilled meats and hearty stews. So if you are a real vegetarian then ask for some other food in hotels or restaurants that provide international food. Well for food you do not have to struggle much as there are other foods as well to make you satisfied.

Mediterranean cruiseThe best time to visit this city is on the months of May and June or in the months of September and October. These are the best months when you will get minimum crowds and also could enjoy the calm weather. Normally, the Mediterranean cruise season starts from the months of April to October and the peak season in Greece starts from the months of July to August. During that time all the important destinations remain too hot and you will get huge crowds. So it’s better if you visit during the recommended time and make yourself comfortable with the milder weather.

As you are heading towards Attica in Mainland Greece you should know few of the key facts that will help you ahead like the population which is somewhat 3.3 million in Greater Athens and the language is Greek. The currency here is considered as Euro that is equal to 100 cents. The people here enjoy republican government with the main religions like Greek Orthodox with Muslims, Roman Catholic and Jewish minorities. So make some arrangements before you reach there as transferring currencies may raise tensions ahead.

National archaeological museumRemember you have two major attractions in Athens and they are Acropolis and National Archaeological Museum of Athens. The airport that serves this city is Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. When you reach the port of Piraeus you can feel the historical aroma in the surrounding areas and do make your accommodations first so that you can take rest and then start exploring the city of Athens. At the city center you can make cheap accommodation. So get ready to burst the historical balloon.

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