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Cinderella Of The Pacific: Ensenada

Ensenada sits in the heart of a vineyard country that is considered as the best in Mexico. It makes a good short holiday trip by car for the citizens of US as its just one hundred and ten kilometers away from the border of US. Ensenada has also become stopover for the cruiser ships because it’s closer to the California by the sea route. Once you step on the land of port, you will think there is not much to get around but that’s not true!

In Ensenada, there is a small town known as Guadalupe which is famous for its home grown vintages. The cruisers can get best offer from organized tour for wine tasting and tour in the underground store and wineries galore. It’s a great opportunity for the wine lovers to taste best wine grown in this region and could get good deal for wine bottles.

Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Just seventeen miles away from the port is La Bufadora, it is situated at the end of the Punta Banda Peninsula. The reason its a must watch sight is because it is a marine geyser which burst out upwards, up to eighty feet above sea level, thus creating a loud sound. That’s the reason sometimes it is also known as ‘The Blow Hole’. The Punta Banda Peninsula also has a very stunning view of the Ensenada bay too.
la bufadora ensenada
The areas around La Bufadora also have other things to do like near La Bufadora, is a small cove where diving can be done with the help of the professionals. Along the peninsula, Sierra is situated which is great place for hiking, mountain bike riding and camping.

Whale watching is another spot where gray whales, endangered species, come from Alaska to Mexico, between December and February. The Lagoon bay is breeding place for these whales.


Baja California has fixed charges, duty -free, on products like tequila, scent, silver and gold jewellery, earthenware, leather and cosmetics. The Mexican items are what you should try looking out for such as woven wool blanket, brightly colored scarves and straw hats are few to name. Cruisers mostly visit Plaza Marina Shopping Mall to shop while many tourists’ store and departmental stores are situated on Avenida Lopez Mateos.

Eating Out

You can eat here as much as you wish to! The place is full of food items from sandwiches to finger-licking taco stalls, that too at economical price. One should try ‘Pescado’ which is a fish taco, made and cooked with fresh fish. For American food head towards the Plaza Marina Shopping Mall where you will get many outlets offering burgers, fries, hotdogs, etc.

To get around the place for the cruisers public buses are more convenient. The ticket will only cost sixty five cents per ticket and locals here different word for bus i.e, micro. During day time it’s safe to travel by bus but at night avoids taking bus. You will also get rental cars and taxis to tour around the place. They don’t charge much though.

The local spoken language is Spanish but people in store do speak English. The culture is very much influenced by the US but there are some places where tradition culture and customs still exists. So just first try to inquire around and then go there.

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