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Cruise Stories on the Montego Bay

While you are in Jamaica, you are sure to have the best of cruise pleasures and water thrills. Jamaica is the land of excitement, adventure and thrill and fills your travels with the best kind of tour memories. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a great cruise experience.

So once again it would be time for the rhythms of the reggae at the Montego Bay, in Jamaican cruises. With the best kind of beaches in Jamaica, Montego Bay is surely one of the finest tour destinations in this part of the world and also has special pleasures like golfing and fine dining. Mo Bay as Montego Bay is called is a small tropical thrill that every tourist must endure at least once. Cruises here allow you to enjoy the simple ambience, the enchanting surroundings and the most fascinating tour delights. So come here and swim to your heart’s content and experience being in the land of rich culture – Jamaica. Visit the best of the countryside views of Jamaica and fill your travel quotient with some of the best visual treats.

Jamaican cruises

As you embark on the cruise the sheer natural beauty would enchant you. The cruise terminal here has the tourists completely engrossed with the shopping zones which have a collection of souvenirs for you to take back. Include the beachwear in your shopping list and your job is done here. the port complex is very near the beach area and so every person on  cruise here is sure to enjoy the cruise experiences combined with shopping here to a great extent.

As you get down on the port, you would surely love to see the finches and doves here which give you the unique pleasure of eating out of your hand at the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in Anchow in the region of St. James. Anchow is a 20 minute ride from Montego Bay. You would also get enchanted by the manner in which the Jamaican doctor birds sit on your finger and also sip the syrup. The cruise to Montego Bay also halts at the sugar plantation here in Jamaica.

Montego Bay

Jamaica has its very famous plantation home here which was built around 200 years back. the Rose Hall Great House as it is famously called gets its popularity from the witchcraft activities that it is believed to have witnessed. Even now, Jamaicans believe that this house is haunted.

People going on a Jamaican cruise also go to the Croydon Plantation. This is around 24 miles from Montego Bay and is a lovely mountain estate that is a great visual treat for all. As it slopes gently on the terrain, the ecstasy of seeing the Caribbean sights is something that is irresistibly interesting.

Visitors on cruises to Jamaica also go to the lovely mountain plantation of MOntego and enjoy the sights of the Tryall Club which also has a regal 18 hole par 72 course. Then you have the Rose Hall Resort and Country Club which is another lovely golf hub.

Rose Hall Resort

Gorgeous doctor’s Cave beach is another lovely destination that is found here in the Montego Bay region and is a major attraction for people coming on cruises to Jamaica. Beach enthusiasts can thus enjoy the simple pleasures of being in this premier beach and take this opportunity to enjoy swimming with the bottlenose dolphins here. Also enjoy the Jamaican cuisine here and binge on the chicken and jerk pork and experience the pleasures of this exotic cruise alongwith the best of beach pleasures and culinary delights.

There are lots of amenities for beach excursions on Jamaican cruises so make sure that you do not miss out on the simple pleasures of being in Jamaica on a cruise and experience the extravagance in this part of the world.

Cruise pleasures in Jamaica are very exciting and thrilling and make your trips to this  part of the world very productive.

Jamaican cruises attractions

Enjoy touring in Jamaica on those fascinating cruises and come back with a great tale to recall.

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