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Latest in Cruise News

Cruising pleasures are greatly interesting and much looked forward to by all who embark on cruises across the world. The latest in cruise news is that Celebrity has revealed a lot of spa details for the new cruise ship. Celebrity Reflection would soon boast of an expanded spa which would offer a Persian Garden circuit of six variable kinds of experiences and these are actually not found on any other kind of Celebrity ship.

The Aqua Spa by Elemis would cover all the bases with rooms filled with a lot of traditional features and a salon for hair styling and manicure ,pedicure, with lot of acupuncture sessions and also enhancement treatment facilities. There would also be an expansion to the Persian Grande spa suite.

The Persian Garden has new features which are inclusive of the Hammam which is a small space where all the spa goers have the capacity of loosening muscles and also joints and they can also relax on a heated stone slab. The Persian Garden would feature a sauna that has a dry heat and infrared facility and it gives a lot of health benefits and also reduces the inflammation and increases the blood flow . Thus the spa gives a lot of natural sunlight and does not show any side effects of solar radiation.

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There is a steam room with lot of aroma around and is called the aromatic steam room and this is large enough for at least six people and these are combined with a warm steam and aromatherapy pleasure.

Spa goers also enjoy the Cold room where the floors and the walls are cooled to around 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Then there is the Salt Bar and the DIY scrub which gives you a lot of custom scrubs which are made from a variety of sugars, salts and also herbs. The scrubs are purchased either as a package or individually and they can be used in the Persian Garden showers. Passengers take them back to the in staterooms or sometimes take them home too.

Tourists also like to select from the two sensory showers that are available. These are the arctic cold mist mixed with eucalyptus and the tropical rain style showers that are infused with the fruit essence.

Princess has also recently announced the newest ship. It would have an expanded spa and would be inclusive of something very similar as mentioned above. The sensory showers and the DIY scrub are also going to be a main feature in this .

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Tourists traveling by the Persian Garden thus have the pleasures of enjoying the luxury at the Reflection’s Aqua Class cabins . It is very pleasurable to see the cabins clustered around the spa and it is luxurious to enjoy the  facilities offered here. So you have the spa like amenities like the bath items and the aromatherapy facilities. There is a one day pass available to enjoy the facilities offered.

For all those who want to have a more social feeling, in the Persian Garden, Celebrity has a Girlz Night and also a couples night experience. the Girlz Night would be for all the women and the Couples Night is for all the couples . The experiences would be for an hour and a half and cost a little extra.

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The Celebrity’s Solstice class is the 3030 passenger ship and is being constructed at the Meyer Werft shipyard in the Papenburg area of Germany. It is a little larger than the other brands of Solstice Class . Reflection would have an additional deck that creates space for a main dining room, a larger theatre and an Ocean view CafĂ© which has buffet style facilities. There are many other features like the Lawn Club Grill restaurant. Here the diners can have their favourite meat and grill and has a lovely 48 seat Porch eatery that has the lawn as the background . With the best facilities of a glass shower and an eight cabana style alcoves there is an accommodation for around four people.

River cruises and ship cruises are very interesting ways of making your tours exciting, adventurous and thrilling.

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