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Travel around the picturesque regions of Athens Cruise

Piraeus, which is located approximately around 12km in the southwestern region of Athens, acts an important seaport for Athens, the capital city of Greek. The port was been upgraded for the Athens Olympics that were held in the year 2004. In today’s date the seaport of Piraeus serves the city with almost 12 innovative berths especially for cruise boats.

Athens has arrived at its halcyon days in the early 500 BC, an era which as well witnessed the edifice of great established structures; the most renowned among them is Parthenon, which is at the present identified as Ancient Greece’s icon. Modern Athens took birth in the year 1834, during this period it was been declared as the capital town of the freshly autonomous Greece. The year 1922 witnessed the arrival of myriad Greek immigrants from Anatolia as well as the succeeding extension of the various suburb regions. In the present day approximately 1 out of 4 Greeks reside in this capital city.

Athens port

Athens Sightseeing

Acropolis, which is a flat-crest mountain dominates the city of Athens, moreover acts as an abode for Parthenon, which was established approximately around 2,400 yrs in the past. Parthenon is regarded as one of the most renowned conventional monuments all across the world. The antique township of Plaka is placed at the base of Acropolis. The town is worth traveling around for its pastoral souvenir shops, tavernas, as well as pleasing tapered alleys. For a landscape above the complete town, travel in the cable car and go up to Mt Lycabettus, this is known to be highest point in Athens. The region of Mt Lycabettus is coroneted by a chapel as well as a restaurant-bar.

Numerous cruise companies as well proffer half-day jaunts to Poseidon temple, which is located at Sounio, as well as one-day jaunts to the archaeological places of Ancient Corinth as well as Mycenae, and Delphi.

Athens Greece Tourist Attractions
  • Acropolis
  • Ancient Agora
  • New Acropolis Museum

new acropolis museum

  • Roman Forum and Tower of the Winds
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch

Temple of Olympian Zeu

  • Benaki Museum
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art

Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art


The city of Athens is known to the hub for local handicrafts as well as opulence goods. The various souvenir shops which are located in Monastriaki as well as Plaka louse market, both of them are located at the base of Acropolis. These marketplaces are jam-packed during the high season; moreover exceptional purchases take account of gold as well as silver jewellery, leather goods, hand-painted pottery, furs as well as Turkish-fashion rugs. Greek wines along with spirits, olives in addition to olive oil are excellent buys as well.

Eating Out

Greek food is takes its inspiration from the seasonal, fresh, Mediterranean items, with the rich exploits of olive oil. Fashionable main courses consist of purely prepared brand new seafood, in addition to meats which are grilled over charcoal as well as hearty stews.

Best time to visit Athens

The peak season for the Mediterranean season starts from the month of April and continues up to October. Moreover the high-peak season in Greece is months of July and August. During this time the most popular tourist destinations are extremely hot as well as over-crowded. If you are planning to explore the Mediterranean cruise to Athens than visit the city either in months of May or June or later in September or October. During this time the climate is quite milder and hence you can enjoy the city.


Greek is the primarily spoken language in the city, even though English is wide-spread used.


Huge part of the entire city populations are Greek Orthodox, however you may come across minorities of Jewish, Roman Catholic and Muslims.

Social Conventions

The Greeks are extremely proud of their rich enriching inheritance. The Greek society has been under a strong control of the Greek Orthodox Church that to in most parts of the countryside areas. The various tourists arriving at the city are hence recommended to were modest clothes when they are about to visit churches. Moreover, remember to cover legs as well as shoulders. Don’t throw back your head as the act is regarded as a negative sign. The general dressing style of the city is casual. Smoking is forbidden during public transportation as well as within public buildings.


Generally the service tax is added to you hotel as well as restaurants bills, nevertheless if the service was really good that it is normal to put down 12 to 15% as a tip.

Additional Information

Time Zone – GMT + 2.

Currency – Euro (€) = 100 cents.

Location – Attica, mainland Greece.

Closest Destination – Athens

Relocate Distance – 11.2 km.

Relocate Time – 20 minutes.

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