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Tromso: When life turns to spectacular moments


Tromso, a spectacular picturesque landscape is packed with culture and history. I wonder how this vibrant heaven is so beautiful and to increase its glory the surrounded mountains, fjords and islands has the main role to play. Tromso is the city of Norway in Europe and has splendid beauties to offer to its tourists who throng here from all over the world. Many sights of Tromso offer history, fine architecture, wildlife, science, culture and inspiring panoramas. Visitors who reach to the port of Tromso never fails to keep their eyes still while docking at the city.

When I visited at this place which lies within the Arctic Circle, I experienced the beauty of 24 hour daylight between the months of late May and July. In fact, those visitors who are very lucky can experience the breathtaking Northern Lights during the season of winter. Most of the buildings here are built up of wood and the brightly colored houses feature an outstanding array against the background of towering mountains. I experienced a good range of museums which is well-worth and when it comes about going into the mountains, it will offer magnificent views of the nature set into the city.

Tromso norway

Accommodation and food:

Firstly, I went to book a room so that I could take rest and then move ahead to explore the attractions of this city. This city offers first class and budget accommodation. As Tromso is a major centre for tourism you will get plenty of hotels for accommodation. Guesthouses, holiday villages, camp sites and accommodation in private homes serve all the pockets of the visitors. It is a lively city with plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars that offer snacks and light meals as well.

Tromso Tourist attractions:

My visit has proved entirely great as I experienced fantastic attractions of the city. So visit the Polaria which has an arctic aquarium and its major attractions are the bearded seals. It is an arctic species which is very popular among children.

Arctic Cathedral
This cathedral was built in the year 1965 and is the most recognizable landmark of the city. It features a unique glass mosaic. The speciality of this cathedral is the Midnight Sun Concerts which introduces the viewing of midnight sun.

Arctic Cathedral
Fjellheisen Cable Car
Visiting at the top of the 420 metres high Storsteinen Mountain with this cable car is a wonderful and quite frightening experience for me. From this we can get breathtaking views of the city and also the surrounding waterways and mountains.

Botanical Gardens:
It is the world’s northernmost botanical gardens that include Arctic and Alpine plants from every corner of the world. Most of the plants are very heat sensitive that cannot grow in any other this kind of gardens. Some of the major highlights are blue poppies from the Himalayas, lewisias from Rockies, local primroses and a collection of traditional medicinal plants.

Tromso’s Museums
The University Museum of Tromso, The Perspektivet Museum, The Art Museum of Northern Norway and Mack Bryggeri are the world popular museums that hold the crown of Norway as one of the best in the globe. These museums cannot be defined only with the words but when you’ll see it you will remain still for few minutes surely.

Art Museum of Northern Norway

Getting There and around:

Even though I went to Tromso by cruise to make my tour the best you can reach to this city through Tromso Airport Langnes or through the Scandinavian rail network or even by long distance buses. You can also drive by car to reach here through 1,600 kilometre long highway connecting Tromso with Oslo. The city of Tromso is very compact so it is profitable to us that we can easily explore this city on foot or by using the city bus network.

What to do:

The stunning landscapes around the city are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, water activities, safari, fishing, golfing and Arctic Norway. As Norway offers cold climate, the city enjoys two months long summer. During this season you can experience the beauty of the city’s landscape which is the only one in this world. Try hiking at the mountains. Try kayaking in the sheltered waterways around the island of Tromso. The inland rivers of Signaldalselva and Skitbotnelva are the best site where you can try canoeing. The 18 hole golf course of Tromso will fascinate you a lot.

To experience the culture of Tromso, head towards the symphony orchestra that plays high quality music and also visit the Art Museum of Northern Norway. Various festivals could be experienced during the long winter nights like Tromso International Film Festival and also the Northern Light Festival. Explore the racecourse on the street of the city which is the National Reindeer Racing Championship. And when you are exploring the city of Tromso, you should not miss the shopping experience at any cost. So visit the Storgata which is the main pedestrian street of the city and holds excellent shops that sells local and international products.

I came back from this magnificent city but my mind and heart are still wandering at the streets of Tromso. I tried to learn the language of this region which is Norwegian. Few words that I learnt from the locals of this city are still striking in my mind again and again. At this compact city where the population is just 65,000 and enjoys the government of Constitutional monarchy, the majority of the religion here is Lutheran Protestant with other minorities. Well, the currency is Norwegian Krone and was easy to change as the city is vibrant from all aspects. I have never seen such picturesque landscape where colorful houses, water, mountains and other attractions striped one behind the other and offer magnificent views and could be felt while traveling by cruise.

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