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Fulfill all your desires at Dublin Port

Dublin Port is the biggest sea port in Ireland and has historical and contemporary economic importance. Nearly two-thirds of the Republic of Ireland’s port traffic passes through Dublin Port. The port and its land recently were prized at €25 billion to €30 billion from the eastern border of Dublin’s Northern direction. The modern Dublin Port could be found Dublin port irelandat either side of River Liffey. The main part of the port is located at the end of East Wall and North Wall from Alexandra Quay, on the northern direction of the river with 205 hectares. Rest on the southern direction the area is just 51 hectares and could be found at the beginning of the Pigeon House Peninsula.

The port handles huge amount of freight and vessels with variations of large container carriers and small diesel lighters that visit regularly. Ferry services are often frequent. It is also a docking area for cruise liners where tourists throng to visit the major attractions of the city. This port was opened on 28 February 1997 and handles 23.5 million tonnes of cargo with 1,426,000 passengers every year. Dublin is a city of fun, and spreads its colour to all over the city. Tourists have many options to visit and explore the nearest attractions of the port.

O’Connell BridgeAttractions which are close to the Cruise Port are Dillon Garden, Grand Canal, Inner City North and Southeast, O’Connell Bridge, Outer Districts North and South, Brougham Bridge and many others. This city is rich in 18th century architecture with lots of Georgian mansions, wide streets and spacious squares. The major highlights here are The National Gallery, The National Museum, Dublin Civic Museum, Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, National Library of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy Library, Trinity College, Dublin Castle and Christ Church Cathedral.

After docking at the port just head to these attractions and explore them the way you want. You can also try shopping in the city and could buy hand-woven tweed, hand-crocheted woollens and cottons, sheepskin goods, gold and silver jewellery, Aran Knitwear, linen, pottery, Irish crystal and basketry. Head to the Temple Bar and Grafton Street to buy the antiques and fashion. Ireland is also famous for its food where you can buy regional cheese. The city offers a number of restaurants and pubs where you will get everything right from the traditional Irish fare to Michelin-starred international cuisine.

Dublin has temperate climate due to mild southwesterly winds and also due to the Gulf Stream. Summers are normally warm whereas, winter season could be experienced much cooler. Rainfall can be experienced any time throughout the year. Spring and autumn are very mild. For your convenience you must know the city properly.  The population of the city is nearly 1.2 million and language spoken is English and Irish Gaelic.  The majority of religion is Roman Catholic here with fewer amounts of Protestant, Jewish and Islamic minorities. The city enjoys parliamentary republic.

Dublin hotelYou ca easily make friends here as people are very friendly and always remains eager to chat with the strangers. So do not waste your valuable time till you get satisfied. Traveling by a cruise fulfills all the desire of the tourists who come here from all over the world just to enjoy the attractions here through port. You can also enjoy the ferry services and explore the nature. Dublin has many hotels for accommodation. So you can book a room and enjoy as much worth full sites as possible. You will always remember this port and will also make it a memorable tourist destination.

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