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The port of Ajaccio: A superb cruise destination

Ajaccio is the most significant western port of Corsica. It is located close to the city centre and is surrounded by the palm trees and packed with yachts. This port eases the traffic in between the white city of Ajaccio and numerous mainland harbours in the southern France. The city of Corsica is also called as Mountain in the sea and the reason behind this is actually the 50 peaks that extended to an area more than 2,000 metres. You will get a café and also a convenience store Ajaccio corsica portwith restroom facilities at the port. You can also park your vehicles at short and long term parking spaces that are available here. Parking spaces are also available for the disabled passengers.

A trip on cruise will make you surprised as this place is full with many attractions that are worth visiting. Once you reach out of the port you will get many shops and restaurants in the city of Ajaccio where you can reach soon by walking. You can try shopping at the city where many shops are located to serve your needs. With this, dining choice is more that run gamut with a range from bistros to costly seafood. As this city is a well-known birthplace of Napoleon you will get plenty of historic attractions. To explore the sea attractions travel on a ferry and enjoy the sites. The seaside resorts and mountain ranges will attract you immensely.

From the port if you want to enjoy some sightseeing places then waterside pavement cafes and palm-lined boulevards will be the better option. Head to the Old Town where you can experience some ancient alleyways. With this some of the highlights are Maison Bonaparte Musee Nationale, Fesch Museum, Cupulatta, Prunelli GorgesFilitosa and Prunelli Gorges. So you can simply visit these sites and explore the city a bit.

Once you start exploring the attractions, by the time you can also enjoy shopping in the city. You will get many shops where you can buy something for your loved ones. You can buy stuffs made up of leather, pottery, wood carving and some others. Also you can buy the local paintings. Food is simply excellent where you can have cheese and charcuterie. You should try the cannelloni al brocciu and fiadone which is actually a type of cheesecake.

As it is the city of France the language spoken here is also French. The city enjoys republic government where population is of 53,000. Major religions could be found here is Roman Catholic with Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and non-allied minorities. Remember that at some of the bars and restaurants smoking are completely banned. In fact, smoking is prohibited in all the public places in the city. But people there are very friendly so just enjoy the moments.

Well, France has many attractions worth visiting and people do not miss any chance to visit such wonderful tourist destinations. In short, it could be said that the port of Ajaccio lies at the heart of the Ajaccio city which is popular for its historical monuments, attractions, number of shops, dining options and also accommodation. All of these choices are located at a short walking distance from the port. So whenever you get a chance to reach to the port of Ajaccio just move ahead and grab all of these at once into your palm and memorize it forever.

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