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The Lisbon, Portugal Cruises

Lisbon, Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. The city is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it a perfect destination for the cruise lines. If you are looking to travel to the city of Lisbon on a cruise ship, you will come across several options.

  1. Transatlantic cruises: These cruises are meant for people looking to travel to Lisbon from North America. Majority of these options begin their journey from the southern US state, Florida. A cruise ship called MS Eurodam starts from Ft. Lauderdale’s King’s Wharf and takes the tourists to Lisbon, Portugal via Ponta Delgada of Azores. However, Lisbon is not its final destination; the ship’s voyage ends at Barcelona, Spain, where it reaches by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. In between, the MS Eurodam stops in several other ports situated along the Portuguese coast.  The guests boarding this ship will get to spend time at the on-board restaurants, bars and cafés. There’s also a large lounge area, where you can spend some happy time with your friends and family. The trip organized by this transatlantic cruise continues for 16 days and is organized by ‘Holland America Cruises’.

    Transatlantic cruises

  2. Intercontinental cruises: You will get more than a few options while looking for an intercontinental cruise traveling to Lisbon, Portugal. The most popular one among them is Royal Caribbean’s Northern Europe and Mediterranean cruise. This 15 night cruise starts from Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. The ship’s end point is Istanbul. In between it stops in a number of Portuguese cities, which also includes Lisbon. Guests boarding this ship will get to enjoy activities like rock climbing within the ship. There are several pools where they will get to play water games. For inducing ultimate relaxation, the Northern Europe and Mediterranean cruises offer spa services to all its guests. There is also a wide range of dining options; you will also get to spend some happy time at the onboard casino and lounges of the ship.

Royal Caribbean Cruise

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