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Exploring the Netherlands on River Cruises


The European nation Netherlands is known for its wooden shoes, windmills and tulips. This place is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the continent. Exploring Netherlands on river cruises will allow the tourists to visit a number of historical cities and towns of the country located along canal route. Mostly, these cruises are organized during the spring months, when Netherlands looks most beautiful with tulips blooming all over the country. Below, we have discussed about two of the most admired river cruises running across the water bodies of Netherlands.

Holland Waterway Cruises:
This river cruise is named after the other name of Netherlands i.e. Holland. Holland Waterway Cruises starts from Antwerp and crosses Belgium to finally reach the Amsterdam Port. This cruise runs along the River Rhine and also stops in places like Utrecht, Rotterdam and Keukenhof Gardens. As a guest of this river cruise, you will get the opportunity of witnessing 2 biggest harbors of the world, Rotterdam and Antwerp and the biggest flower gardens on earth, the Keukenhof Gardens. The trip continues for 4 days. During the busiest cruise seasons, several ship runs under the name of Holland Waterway Cruises.

Holland waterway cruises

Tulips & Windmills:
This one is a springtime cruise that will take you for an exciting 10-day journey. This cruise is meant for tourists having the desire of exploring all aspects of the country of Netherlands. Moreover, the cruise will also introduce some of the hottest sightseeing spots of Belgium to its guests. The Tulips & Windmills cruise ships have halts in places like Amsterdam, Arnhem, Hoorn, Nijmegen, Antwerp, Kinderdijk, Ghent, Middelburg, Brugge, Rotterdam, Delta Works and Keukenhof Gardens. Finally, the ship again comes back at the port of Amsterdam. During every halt, the tourists will get to take part in interesting activities and visit historical destinations like Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum, the house of Anne Frank etc.

Tulips & Windmills cruise ships

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