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Holland America Line

Holland America Line ( H A L ) was established in the year eighteen seventy three, and is among the best cruise lines in the industry now. The heritage has led the cruise line to have a proud legacy and tradition in cruising. The Holland America Line now occupies a position of honor for several excellent reasons, the most visible the unique cruise experiences, the constant innovations, the personalized attention, excellent ultra luxury accommodations, impeccable service and a whole lot of others, including the meticulous and painstaking attention devoted to small details. There is a whole number of excellent facilities here.

Holland America Line is a subsidiary company that is owned by the Carnival Corporation, which is the largest cruise company in the world. The head quarters of the company are in Seattle in Washington State in the United States. The Holland America Line is envied by a whole number of cruise lines in the industry for their remarkable tradition of excellence in a whole lot of matters, including food, service and accommodation. There have been a lot of updates made in the recent years that have enabled the company y to stay with the times. There are a whole range of excellent services provided here for the ultimate comfort of the guests.

Holland America Line has some of the most stylish and well designed ships at the sea, and there was an upgrade program in two thousand six that ensured a whole range of new refurbishments. The older ships part of the fleet was given stylish make over that made them, comparable with the most contemporary ships. The classic looks were retained, and elements such as fine art, wood paneling, nautical charts and instruments were added so as to impart a timeless feeling to the elegance displayed. There is a whole number of excellent displays on offer here. Some ships, such as the Amsterdam, has a rich collection of art housed within the ship.

There is a whole range of excellent options with regards to entertainment as well. There is the Culinary Arts Center, which has classes, wine tasting and cooking demonstrations. When lessons are not going on, the center becomes a movie theater. There is a whole range of excellent attractions on offer here. The Explorations café is a famous cafe here that is popular with visitors. The line is operating fifteen ships to seven continents & carries nearly seven hundred thousand cruise passengers a year.

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