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Exploring the River Nile on Luxury Cruises


River Nile has been a subject of interest for travelers belonging to different corners of the globe for centuries. For people of the current generation, the best way of exploring this historic river is on luxury River Nile cruises. Majority of the Nile cruises sail from Luxor to Aswan and have stops at several places having historic importance situated between these two ports. In this article, we have offered information about two of the best luxury cruise lines offering trips for exploring the River Nile.

Oberoi Zahra: The famous Oberoi Hotels and Resorts run 3 cruise ships in Egypt; the Zahra is the luxury Nile cruise from Oberoi. River Nile cruises on Zahra continues for 7 days, the ship starts from Luxor and goes up to Aswan. The biggest attraction of this cruise ship is on-board spa, where you can enjoy all the services that in-land luxury spa will offer. Some other specialties of Zahra are: a gym, swimming pool, private docking zones, library and medical services whenever required. You will be accompanied by Egyptologists, who can speak English fluently. For German and French people, Egyptologists knowing their language are arranged if informed in advance.

Oberoi Zahra

Sonesta Cruises: As many as 5 luxury Sonesta cruise ships operate along River Nile. Out of them, 4 vessels are of contemporary style. The 5th one i.e. Sonesta Amirat has been designed following the features of Egypt’s luxury dahabiya vessel that used to sail during the early part of 20th century. These 5 Sonesta cruise ships also sail from Luxor to Aswan. The duration of the cruises ranges between 3 and 7 days. The amenities offered during the trips vary from one ship to the other. However, usually all these cruise ships include facilities like spa services, on-board restaurants, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Besides that, tours guided by Egyptologists are organized daily. If you want to know about the specific amenities offered by each of these 5 Rive Nile cruise vessels, browse the official website of Sonesta.

Sonesta cruise

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