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The Popular North American River Cruises

The river cruises offer passengers the opportunity of traveling across small waterways that are closer to inland towns and cities. Mostly, these trips are casual and are organized on small ships; so the number of people taking part in these trips is much lower compared to that of ocean cruises. People going for ocean cruises hardly spend a whole day in water; this is because of the short distance between the starting and the finishing point of these cruises. In this article we’ll be informing you about the most reputed North American river cruises.

The American Cruise Lines: They come with 13 river cruises for people residing in or touring USA. This includes cruises to destinations like Pacific Northwest, New England, southern U.S and Chesapeake Bay. None of the river cruise ships from American Cruise Lines can accommodate over 120 passengers. Besides the enticing journey on water, these cruise ships also offer extreme entertainment through musical performances, theaters, lectures etc. The menu for lunch or dinner is prepared based on the region’s cuisine.

The USA River Cruises: This cruise line offer trips across all the waterways of USA, Mexico and Canada. The rivers that are mostly explored in United States on USA River Cruises are: Potomac River, Mississippi River, Hudson River, rivers in Florida and Columbian and Snake rivers of Pacific Northwest. The Canadian destinations covered are: Newfoundland and Saint Lawrence Seaway. The Mexican cruises from USA River Cruises instead of traveling on rivers travel across the waterways near the shore.

American Cruise Lines USA River Cruises

Blount Small Ship Adventures: It offers river cruises across Canada and USA and cover destinations like Maritime Provinces of Canada, Great Lakes and Midwest region and northeastern and southern U.S. Depending on destinations you are traveling to, the duration of the tours range from 6-16 days.

Blount Small Ship Adventures

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