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City Of Columns: Havana


Initially being the pirates’ regular target and founded by the Europeans, Havana has a long history for its existence. Havana has epithet as ‘Ciudad de las Columnas’ which means ‘City of Columns’. Being the capital city, main port and leading commercial center of Cuba, old Havana is full of magnificent Spanish colonial structural design and regarded as a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Havana is filled with richness of architectural buildings which came from its colonists in and through as it was the main transshipment point among the new world and old world met. The style of the buildings and fortress differ from Spanish, Moorish, Italian, Greek and Roman. So it’s like mixture of culture, tradition and custom at one place. The whole different styles bring out the uniqueness about this place.

Havana City Cuba

Now many architectural buildings are under renovation and museum lovers are going to toss coins for which museum first to visit in the city as many more museum are about to open soon.

You can’t miss out the Malecon beach which elongates more or less length of Havana. It’s a great place the romantic lovers to walk along the sea shore with promenade juice in their hands. The Malecon also offer a great view, especially during sunrise and sunset, of Havana’s cityscape. From other perspective and impressive sight of the city try going to the giant Cristo statue which is across the bay or the Morro – Cabaria.

Still trying to figure out where to start the excursion from, suggestion would be from the El Capitolio, which means in English- National Capital Building. At first look it seems like you are watching Washington DC but it’s just, from the outside, similar to it. The building first was the tallest building in Havana The Morro Castletill 1950’s but it’s the world’s third biggest indoor statue.

You should carry camera for this site, the sunset is beautiful from here. Except for the scenery the castle is good example of uniqueness of Havana, the Morro Castle (fortress) and in Spanish known as Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos Del Morro is made by an Italian engineer as when it was being made Cuba was under Spain. The fortress is made on the entrance of Havana and can be viewed from miles across the port.

Christ of HavanaEl Cristo de La Havana, Christ of Havana, is situated to the other side of the bay. It’s the biggest sculpture, approximately sixty-six feet long and base is about three meters. It weights around three hundred and twenty tons. The marble was specially brought from Italy and blessed by the Pope Pius XII. The most amazing thing should I say or sad, I don’t know, the statue of Christ doesn’t have eyes carved with intention that he is looking from anywhere to be seen.

The most magnificent place to visit is the cemetery cum open air museum at the downtown of the Havana city, also known as Vedado. The colon cemetery or Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón, which is named after Christopher Columbus, is about one hundred and forty acres and has many sculptures and about eight lakh graves. It’s the most renowned cemetery in Latin American. It was built in 1876 and attracts tourist and photographers from all over the place.

The prize to get from here is Cuban cigar, rum and fine art. The only place to stop for shopping is at the Feria de la Artesania which is just two blocks ahead from the Cathedral. There you will find everything you need from artisan chocolates to perfume and silver sterling’s to hand made fans.

Havana is hot and humid all over the year and between May and October, it has rainy afternoons. Between July and November its official hurricane season, so be careful if you’re planning during that period.

Havana is about three kilometers away from Cuba and it only takes ten to fifteen minutes to reach there. The Jose Marti International Airport is the nearest airport to Havana. The railways should be avoided because the some train lines have been suspended in order to bring new train lines. The bus facilities are good as the major destination are well connected by roadways.


The Cuban have two surnames behind their Christian name so don’t get confuse, use the first surname.

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