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Shopping Destination: Pointe-a-Pitre


Though Pointe-a-Pitre does not have charm of historical significance or much famous landmarks, but the beauty of such places is often hidden behind the closed doors. As Pointe-a-Pitre initially had swamp land so there is no much past settlement of human race except when British came here and settled on a hill nearby the swamp. It also faces many calamities which destroyed the any settlement made.

But after a decade, the swamp dried away and now a large urban city exists on it, making Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe’s largest city. This city has a very unique combination of modern buildings and few colonial buildings which compliments each other.

Pointe-a-Pitre Guadeloupe

Shopping is what most visitors come here for. You will get everything from France imported perfumes to madras cotton, silver, watches and china made items. The markets at Rosebleu and A La Pensee on Rue Frebault are famous spot to shop. The markets are place you will see maximum colorful crowd bargaining and selling their products. Except for the materialized items, you will find fish market, flowers, fruits, etc. great place to at least visit once and for photography.

The focal point of the city is a park situated in the middle of the town, Place de la Victoire. It is lined up by the Poinciana and palm trees which make it more greenery to relax and set your mind free. The street beside the park is lined up by the café shops where you can sit and gaze around the old homes and building.

Shopping In Pointe-a-Pitre

Most of the colonial buildings are dedicated to people who had done something for the city. The nineteenth century’s colonial building on nine Nozieres street has highly wrought- iron galleries. It’s very attractive and is dedicated to the well known poet and Nobel laureate, Alexis Leger and commonly known as St. John Peres. The building is turned into a museum known as Musee Saint John Perse. The building displays Creole architecture and Perse’s existence and work.

Musee Victor Schoelcher is another colonial period building turned into museum. This museum is dedicated to Victor Schoelcher who was a chief organizer against slavery. The museum has the collection of artifacts of the slave trade.

If you are visiting in the month of August then you can witness the big festival of the Women Cook. The festival is in the memory of the Saint Lawrence where women carry baskets of food and on their way, they dance, sing and merry making is made all the way. It’s a big parade to the cathedral and fest is organized in order to celebrate this festival in evening.

Sea food lovers have a treat stored in here. You will find good variety of sea food dishes in every menu with different style of cooking such as in French, Creole, and African and Asian style. Just take it slow while having a local punch made up of rum, beer, and syrup or else your head will start spinning around! You can have beer, rum and French brandy which are regular drinks of the local.

Pointe-a-Pitre international airport is the nearest airport and Guadeloupe’s important airport. It is located 1.9 miles to the north of city center of Pointe-a-Pitre.

The attraction and destination aren’t that distanced from each other. So it’s good if you go walking start with Place de la Victoire followed by museums then markets.

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