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Theme Cruises – Fun and Value


Cruising has increased in popularity so much in the recent years, and now that the recession is past us, the numbers of cruise goers are back on top. Perhaps the biggest sign of the increase in popularity of cruising in the recent years is the kind of evolution that has been observed in the way of theme cruises. The wants and likings of discerning cruise travelers are reflected in the new themes that come out.

The sheer number of the variety that is available is simply astounding, these are inclusive of themes such as Elvis theme cruises(!), ball room dancing theme cruises, sixties themes, jazz themes, blue grass themes and a whole lot more variations in which the sky seems to be the only limit. Flying themes, imagine that. And these are just extremely specialized cruises that satisfy nostalgia or a love for music, there are a whole lot many broader cruising themes that have come out.

If you like action, and adventure, something cruises are not associated with generally, there are adventure themed cruises that take you to ultimate destinations such as Alaska, Arctic regions, Mexico, Columbia and Mexico. American Safari Cruises is one such cruise line that specializes in adventure cruise lines. The number of passengers that are allowed in a single cruise ship is limited to less than 2 dozens, which makes for an altogether more intimate and involved experience.

If you are a history aficionado as well, there are theme cruises to fit your interest as well. A cruise company known as Ancient Adventure cruises have itineraries to well known historical sites. The historical locations have a taste of adventure in hem as well, reminiscent of Indiana Jones movies. There are shore trips to these locations accompanies by trained guides that will show you around the ruins and other historical attractions.

Actually, there are many cruises that have themes of their own, that are less obvious. There are cruises that have cruises that are targeted at a specific age group and provide entertainment, dining, activities and so on according to what will appeal to that age group. There are singles cruises and a lot more others.

In addition to this, there are several cruises that have themed attractions that let you indulge in your hobby, learn something new, enjoy new attractions, dabble in art, taste wine, and a whole lot of others. The following categories are the main specializations offered by cruises –

  • Food
  • Adventure travel
  • Murder mystery
  • Art
  • Special guest speakers
  • Dance

  • Wine
  • Culture
  • Games (Poker is currently very popular)
  • Golf
  • Health and fitness

  • Films
  • History
  • Spiritual
  • Photography
  • Wellness
  • Music

  • Religion
  • Lectures
  • Singles

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