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Silversea Cruises is a fairly recent entrant into the cruise ship industry. A niche company that specialized from the start in small sized, intimate ships with ultimate luxury, the unique formula was seen doubtful by many in the industry. There is no dearth to quality facilities though, and space is in no way a constraint for providing some of the best creature comforts offered in cruise ships of nowadays.

In the year nineteen ninety four in the month of April, to state it grandly, there was a small ship launched, just at about 16, 800 tons. All the accommodations in the ship were suites, and the ship was ultimate in luxury. The Mediterranean was were the debut was made. The ship was the Silver Cloud, capacity totaling 296 passengers. This was the very first installment in the fleet of Silversea Cruises, which is now four vessels strong. The survival of the company was not really seen as possible by many in the cruise ship industry, as they were catering to an exclusive section of the market, and not focusing on the mass market , as many in the business did then. The company found its niche to say the least, and have displayed “Uncompromising Commitment to Service” all though the span of fifteen years.

Silver wind was the second edition to the Silver Cloud, which came in just less than a year. The luxury concept was the same as the Silver Cloud, but the ships have gotten progressively bigger, although not huge. Silver Shadow and the Silver Whisper, were all larger versions of the Cloud and the Wind, with about an enlargement of about 7, 200 tons, capacity increased to about 100 or so. The underlying principle of commitment to service and inimitable luxury has remained the same all through the year. There is also the Silver Spirit launched in the year 2009.

Yet another niche was found by SilverSea Cruises in 2008. The luxury expedition market was entered into by the company in that year. An expedition ship was bought second hand, and made suitable upgrades with regards to increased levels comfort. Prince Albert I I was the ship, and it was named and launched in June. Prince Albert II had adventurous itineraries. The luxury and comfort remained the same.

The SiverSea Cruises are owned by the Rome based, Lefebvre family, who owned the Sitmar Cruises previously. The Cruise line is among the best in the world in the market for small ships with ultra luxury provided, as well as the luxury expedition market.

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