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World Largest Man Made Artificial Port: Casablanca Cruise


Casablanca not only rules the Moroccan business but it also rules the world for being one of the world’s largest artificial ports. The port is situated on the Atlantic Ocean so the location makes it the main seaport. The harbor is man-made including three thousand one hundred and eighty meters long Moulay Youssef Jetty and leads the fishing industry such as fishing and fish canning.

It also makes a beautiful and romantic cruise destination. It is also a famous tourist spot in west Morocco. It only manages the maritime trade. Thousand of sightseers come to see the port while exploring the city of Casablanca.

Hassan II mosque is nearby the Casablanca port. The total area covered by the port is approximately six hundred and five hectors. To speak about another aspect of the port would be that it economically, it earns around thirty eight percent of revenue of the city.

Casablanca Cruise Port

One of the biggest mosque in Casablanca and third largest mosque in the world, Hassan II Mosque was building in 1989. It’s a magnificent erection of the mosque which was made by getting inspired by one of the Quran verse, “the throne of God was built on water”. The mosque mostly lies on the surface of Atlantic water. When you kneel down while prayers you can actually see the water under the surface of the floor because the floor surface is made up of glass. Moorish influence can be seen on the mosque and the architecture is much similar to the Alhambra. Non-Muslims are only allowed to enter while guided tour.

Hassan II Mosque

The old medina is the residue of part of the Muslim area. It’s the one of the places in Casablanca that belongs to the pre-historic era. In 1975, a terrorizing earthquake came and caused large amount of harm destruction to the Muslim town. In nineteenth century the town was rebuild so the place has now a very fascinating architectural combination- Arab-Islamic and western structural design style. Initially there were four stonewalls and now there is now just one left standing. Once you cross the old gate of medina you will see huge bustling market where number of stalls sells food, artifacts, jewellery, cloths, etc.

Another place you can’t miss out to go to is the Jewish Museum because it’s the only museum you will find in any Muslim country. It is situated in the suburb of Oasis, three miles away from the city of Casablanca. It has a huge collection of historic religious books, costumes, Sacramental ornaments and other things that each Jewish have been following till now.
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Sacred Heart Cathedral is a fine worshipping place for the Christians. It was made in 1959, after French settled here. The interior of the church has been neglected and now it’s in the process of restoration. Still the church is worth seeing once for its stained glass.

You shouldn’t miss out going one of the public hammam which are comparable to the Turkish style.

Casablanca is the main port that handles trade so you shouldn’t leave the opportunity to go some near by market areas for blankets and carpets, brass, silk, silver, wool rugs, etc. and try to bargain there and beware of the fake artifacts and other things, from the Far East.

Notes for the travelers

Try not to wear revealing cloths at beach, for both men and women. Sexual relationship outside the marriage is liable to be punished by law but hardly enforced.

Casablanca Cruise Port

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