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A Delight Discovery Of Tranquility: Lyttelton Port

Lyttelton port is one of the extra-ordinary ports; it has emerged out of extinct volcano which gives it a very beautiful view. It is next to the Banks of Peninsula and connected to the Christchurch by the roadway and railway tunnels. The Lyttelton is also a town which is beautiful because of its location between extinct volcano mountains. . The whole city looks like post card picture, unreal to the eyes.

You have to see the one of the best feature of the town, Timeball station. It was erected in 1876 and the only one out of five Timeball station in the world which is in still working condition. It was build to know the marine chronometer by this the sailors would know longitude of sea.

Lyttelton Port Christchurch

Above the port on the ridge is located a castle- like building which gives a fantastic view of the port. Now it’s been used as a museum by the Historic Places Trust. The museum is open to the visitors from 9am to 5:30 pm, daily.

There is this Rock known as Pilgrim rock which illustrates the place where European colonizers set their foot in the harbor of Lyttelton. The rock is situated in the interior of the land and little away from the sea.

The Holy Trinity Church is the oldest church in Canterbury. The church is made out of stones from Quail Island, projected for the Cathedral of the Diocese.

Just walk around the place will bring you to the colony of New Zealand’s fur seals. It’s the colony of the seals which was getting decrease in numbers because of the constant hunting by the locals for the meat. But in the 19th century, the hunting and killing of the seals were limited and now the fur seal have started to breed again.

You will find the fur seal colony at near Kaikoura which is a town for the seals, where they lie around on the rocks on a jagged peninsula on the east coast of New Zealand’s south Colony.

The one of attraction on the Lyttelton harbor is the Christchurch Wildlife cruise which is two hours cruise. The cruise will take you to watch the rare marine species and undoubtedly the main highlight is Hector Dolphins. The Lyttelton harbor was formed eleven years before when a huge volcano erupted.

Christchurch Wildlife Cruises

Experience the extensive local marine life of picturesque Lyttelton Harbor on a memorable two-hour wildlife cruise aboard our new catamaran. Watch the rare Hector Dolphins found only in New Zealand. Hector DolphinAs well as dolphin watching you’ll engage in a spot of sightseeing and hear about the history of the area. Only 15 minutes from central Christchurch. Free shuttle buses to the Marina depart regularly from the Cathedral Square in the CBD. Departs daily at 1.30pm.

If you want to relax and just chill out, you can try Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa at 42 Amuri Ave Hanmer Springs 7334, Canterbury, New Zealand which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and which provides variety of thermal polls, freshwater pool, water slides, sauna and steam and café to sip hot coffee in the cold weather around.

The Christchurch city is very contrast to the other cities in New Zealand. It is just twelve kilometers away by road from the Lyttelton port. The roadway tunnel and railway tunnel is build through the port hills. The roadway tunnel is the longest tunnel in the country. Christchurch is also the gateway to the South Island and has distinctive picturesque English characteristics.

Christchurch is also famous for outdoor sports like cycling, rock, climbing, hiking, skiing and sailing are few to name. It is also known as Garden City for having seventy hundred and forty gardens and spectacular landscape.

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