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Stunner Of Atlantic Ocean: The Mother City

In the wild Atlantic Ocean, lies the stunning and most spectacular city, nick name as Mother City, The Cape Town, a beautiful city with gorgeous people, fantastic beaches and exotic backdrops. Sir Francis Drake described it as “”…the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth,” when he sailed into Table Bay in 1580.

Cape Town Highlights

In the summer, Cape Town has the richer/sexier/famous people all holidaying here. The Cape Town has its on glitz and is high on the glamour quotient.

The international media- Hollywood, International Music industry, Famous top models and high stream of Fashion Designers flock the town, with film crews to shoot for films or fashion shoots of models is sultry bikini or nude shot and also shooting of music videos for the city has exotic locations, breathtaking backdrops and out of class, one of the best infrastructure and with superb supply of long leggy brunets and blondes.

Cape Town

Explore beautiful Cape Town the Dream Holidays

Planning is the first step. Yeah Yeah! Planning is boring, but trust us the Cape Town is one helluva city, to get it once it’s difficult you really need to plan coz the city is masterpiece of fun, wild and freaky place. The city has so many allures to it and with its crazy nightlife you are bound to miss its enigma somewhere. For you must see and take in all what Cape Town has to offer yet you will want to come here back again, as you will never be self satisfied about this City’s Magic.

Cape Town’s city center- small and compact and first place you should go, as it will give a good start and as it is easy to explore. it is the fascinating mix of structures, influenced from Cape Dutch, Victorian and Edwardian architectural styles in between of so tall skyscrapers. You can take drives in friendly townships; it will be a good visit to Robben Island. You can learn the art and culture of Cape Town and its history in the very top notch and informative museums. Cape Town is a treasure of great historical and cultural wealth.

Cape Town has the world’s best beaches, where you can obviously swim, but its major attraction is not the beautiful sun set, or fine grainy sand to relax or pristine clear water but the hot sexy and barely clad bodies tanning their skin.

Cape Town is also awesome for the adventure and risk loving people, here there are number of sports and recreational activities available from water sports to mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, rock climbing and man I can go on. All you need is your balls and guts to freak on man in this wild place.

Hey all you wine and beer lovers, the endless stock of your elixir is here, just the hour drive away, you have pretty wine estates, for you to take on yourself to taste as much as South African wine you get. Get kicking high and have the best of gourmet food there.

Don’t you dare miss it!

Its compulsory to go on cableway ride, which takes you on the Table Mountain. It gives you beautiful sight of Cape Town and its beaches. A bird view of the city. You shall remember it for your lifetime. On the Table Mountain you can go hiking, also it has the rich bio-diverse Table Mountain National Park which has nature at its best.
The small important place you must see is (don’t strike any one off else you will regret)

  • Fourth Beach
  • Boulders Beach
  • Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
  • Cape Winelands
  • District Museum
  • Two Ocean AquariumTwo Ocean Aquarium
  • Bo-Kaap
  • District Six Museum
  • Robben Island
The fashion hub- Cape Town

Buy all your bikinis, swim wear here. Cape Town is the center of fashion, style, trend, fad and all the clothes in vogue are all available here my friends. You shopping bags will get full and over flow. Your money will keep slipping out of your hands people. Cape Town offers not only fashion, but the local art and craft products which you must take home back as souvenirs. People here love shopping, its there best pastime. You can get wide range of African art, handmade clothing, music, books, antiques and so much else. Cape Town has international stores, mall culture and number of outdoor markets.

Excellent shopping opportunity
  • Victoria & Albert Waterfront
  • Waterfront Craft Market
  • Greenmarket Square
  • Long Street
  • Green Point Fleamarket
  • Canal Walk Shopping Mall
  • Church Street
Drink and Eat

Cape Town is for food loving people a place to stay for life time. The world’s cuisine is all available here, you will go mad as to what to eat and why I wana eat that too! Seafood is so yummy and local spicy food will make your eyes go red yet your tongue will ask for more.

You can spend some loving time in cafes and restaurants which are so plenty and yet with special features to each.

You have to booze on the local white and red wine, and add on is good brandies and collection of unusual liquors.

You are not allowed to leave Cape Town without tasting:

  • Bobotie:
    a curried mince yummy!
  • Bredie:
    a casserole of tomato, vegetables in meat so tasty.
  • Biltong:
    a savory specialty of a seasoned and dried meat
  • Potjiekos:
    excellent taste, worth it, as it is cooked for hours in pot made up of cast-iron
  • Pap:
    It’s eaten with meat, a sort of polenta made in white maze.
Season’s Greetings

Summer is December to February:
It is hot and long days- time to cool on beach and late night party (Its busiest season).

Spring is September to November-
Lovely time, love is in the air.

Autumn is March to May:
Golden beaches and warm days

Winter is June to August-
Time to get wet, snuggle in cold (though tourist free).

Cape Town welcomes all: Lodging and Accommodation

Be it the richer people or just the backpackers Cape Town has accommodation for all.Cap Town Hotels

Backpacker establishments

Self Catering Apartments



Luxurious villas

5-star chain of hotels (they have the best view of sea and mountains)

Its air, water and land- you can reach by any means of transport.

Take Cruise liners, trains to Cape Town, or fly out in chartered airplane or number of airlines provide their services to Cape Town International Airport.

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