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Lindblad Expeditions – A legacy of excellence

It was in the late nineteen fifties that Lars Eric Lindblad began going out on expeditions with groups of travelers. Lindblad had a passion for travel, more than this, he was motivated to discover far flung places, their unique culture and natural attractions. The expedition pioneer Lindblad was following his passion, which also involved allowing other people to share in his joy of discovery. These travel expeditions were extremely adventurous considering the age, because then the benefits of modern technology were not as effectively harnessed in explorative activities as it is now. Lindblad expeditions of then were certainly a far cry from today.

Lars Eric Lindblad is considered the pioneer of eco tourism by numerous people around the world. The nineteen fifties expeditions set off to such far off and distributed regions, such as China, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, the Amazon, the Galapagos, Easter Islands and a whole lot of other locations that were among the most pristine and remote locations on the earth. Antarctica was also witness to the first expedition travel here by Lindblad, and there is a cove at Trinity Peninsula named after Lars Eric, the Lindblad Cove.

Sven Lindblad, son of Lars was a companion to his father most of his travelers, and experienced the joy of traveling early in life. Sven traveled extensively as a young man, almost all major locations, and lived in many, such as Africa, where he was for more than six years, as a photographer, and also helped in a environmental documentary. Sven had the necessary exposure, and he certainly was inspired to follow his father’s life, and share his passion.

It was in nineteen seventy nine that Sven Lindblad established a special division to Lindblad Travel, Special Expeditions, a mission that aimed at offering marine based travel experiences that were informative and innovative. Locations such as Alaska and Baja California, Costa Rica were the initial offerings, and clients quickly caught on to the idea of exploring nooks and corners of the sea in small sized, nimble ships. The division later became the company, and the company name was changed to Lindblad expeditions.

Today, Lindblad expeditions is among the most popular among passengers who are adventurous minded, and have a plethora of options all over the world, for exploring the world in myriad innovative fashions. The inspiration that Sven derives is that the more people get the chance to get to know nature and ecology, and appreciate it, the more they will stand up for protecting the ecology.

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