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Spirit of Endeavor

Background of Cruise West

The Cruise West, an America company that is operated by a family, has its area of specialization in destination focused small ship cruises. The company started when the west family started offering Alaska tours close to fifty odd years ago, and grew accordingly. The focus is not on a cruise experience, but the destination. The operation aims at providing travelers with a glimpse into rewarding scenic landscapes, nature, flora and fauna, history and culture. The small ship intimacy is given an added enjoyment as most of the fellow travelers will be like minded persons, who are interested in nature, whale spotting and so on. There are a good number of rewarding destinations, and an exciting cruise is ensured.

Extremely conscious about the environment, the Cruise West has a policy that ensures no disturbance of habitat. The small sized ships make sure that destinations that big sized ships can only dream about are accessible. There are destinations offered to British Columbia, Snake Rivers amd the Wine country in California. There are also Mexican itineraries, Sea of Cortes and baja California.

Spirit of Endeavor – Overview

The Spirit of Endeavor comes back from Alaskan itineraries in the summer and sets off for an action packed Mexican season in the period from December to March. There are whale watching and water sports on offer, and these also can be inclusive of the add on train trips to the Copper Canyon in Mexico.

Spirit of Endeavor

Spirit of Endeavor – Specifications and fast facts

Year at which entered service : 1983, the ship was extensively renovated in 1996

Port of Registry : United States

Gross Tonnage ( G R T ) : 95 G T

Maximum Cruising Speed : 13 knots

Capacity for passengers : 102 passengers

No of Decks plus accessible by passengers : 4 decks

No of Crew and staff members : 28

Nationality of Officers : American

Nationality of Cruise / Hotel Staff members : American

Destinations traveled : Alaska and Baja Mexico

Spirit of Endeavor – Tips and Gratuities

Tipping amount recommendations are found in travel leaflets, but guests are advised to tip what ever amount they deem fit.

Spirit of Endeavor – Access for physically challenged passengers

There are no passenger elevators abroad the Spirit of the Endeavor, and guests that require wheelchairs must get their own, preferably collapsible ones. There are some areas where accessibility may be a problem for disabled passengers because of physical conditions, but the staff and crew will certainly assist the physically challenged so as to facilitate access.

Spirit of Endeavor – Staterooms

All state rooms are equipped with an exclusive bath and shower, porthole or picture window and desk. There are different sizes of beds, standard, twin sized and larger.

Spirit of Endeavor Staterooms

Spirit of Endeavor – Facilities

There is a telephone as well as a t v monitor to view videos.

Spirit of Endeavor – Life on board


The open seated Resolution Dining Room has dining at fixed timings, and serves American and Mexican fare prepared by the Spirit of Endeavor Diningthoughtful staff. There is a good number of entrees as well. There are cold drinks, coffee, cocoa and tea available all through the journey. There is also a decent wine list accompanying the dinner.


Smoking is allowed outside only, with no smoking zones on board. The Sun Deck is a great place to hang out, and take in the sun.

Entertainment options

The adventurous nature of the Spirit Cruise eliminates any real need for entertainment, the whale spotting and wildlife spotting keeps excitement at a high level. There are small performances by groups at night times, and there are lectures by naturalists. There are also talent evenings where the crew and staff perform. The Explorer’s lounge has a collection of books and videos. There are gambles on the timing of the next whale sighting. There is a tiny bar at the back of the Explorers lounge.

All in all, the Spirit of Endeavor makes for an adventurous cruise experience, and provides an exciting array of attractions on board.

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