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MSC Cruise Line – The Fleet

MSC Cruise Line enjoys a position of repute in the cruise industry primarily for its fleet. Well equipped is not the word, the ships part of the fleet at MSC Cruise Line are among the most up to date in the industry, and are renowned for their classic elegance and understated style that reflects customs and traditions of European décor and design. The fleet at MSC Cruise Line is the same as other cruise lines in the way that they have ships of varying sizes and levels of luxury, but what stands out is the unique experience that is on offer at MSC cruise Lines. The term “Luxurious Zen” has been used by a cruise reviewer to describe the cruising experience.

MSC Fantasia

The MSC Fantasia has attracted recent attraction for its staircases featuring Swarovski crystal and the see through roofs at the dance halls. The MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive space including ninety nine elite suites, butler services, concierge, private bar, which is only meant for a select few who can afford it. The rest of the travelers have to make do with the 4 D cinema, children’s areas, F 1 simulator, art gallery, gym, massage center, four pools, five restaurants and others. Not entirely a bad deal, I must say.

MSC Poesia

MSC Poesia is part of the Musica class of cruise vessels. The cruise ship sails on a varied range of itineraries all over the world, such as the Atlantic, Northern Europe, North American and the Carribbean. There are a lot of highlights as you head to the interiors of the ship, such as the spa, the Zen garden at the sushi bar, the waterfall at the foyer. There are also great locations such as dinosaurs themed kid’s play area, the teen’s club, the cinema by the pool side, the upbeat  Mojito bar, the wine tasting bar and others.

MSC Melody

A ship that can be described as medium to small sized, the M S C Melody is capable of carrying upto thousand people, and is designed for achieving the perfect intimacy that makes for a good range of comforts. The pool has a retractable dome at the top of the whirlpools and pools here. There are facilities such as the Casino, lounges, two restaurants, jogging track, wellness center, a gym and others. There are South America cruises, and Atlantic itineraries.

Holland America Line
Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship – Cruise par excellence


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