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Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises is the largest cruise operator in Europe. The ships have been designed keeping in mind, the comfort, entertainment and the pleasure which is provided to the guests.

Some of the ships under Costa Cruises are large and spectacular and offer much more fun and comfort. Some of the largest cruise liners are Costa Favolosa, Costa Deliziosa, Costa Pacifica, Costa Luminosa, Costa Serena, Costa Concordia, and others.

Costa Cruises

About the Vessels

The Costa Favolosa is an amazing cruise liner which is like an “enchanted fairytale castle, Costa Favolosa is an exquisite ship which is decorated and furnished with “state of the art” facilities”.

Costa Deliziosa is an unique ship which is an ultimate destination for those who are on a honeymoon and for the couples who wish to spend quality time together. There is a grand 4D Cinema and the Samsara Spa in the vessel.

Costa Deliziosa

The Costa Pacifica is another amazing and a grand ship which spells entertainment and excitement when you are on board. This cruise is great for those who come in with their family.

Costa Luminosa is a high- quality and refined vessel which is an ideal place for people who would love to cruise the most exquisite way. This vessel is simply ideal for old couples and those who would love to relax and spend time alone.

There are many more vessels which are under Costa Cruises. Costa Magica, Costa Fortuna, Costa Atlantica and Costa Victoria are some of the other few.

What to do on Board

There are many activities which you can do on board. There are casinos and pubs where you can have some fun, also all the ships have a discotheque where you can take some time off and enjoy yourself.

Costa Cruises Deliziosa Casino

For your wellness and relaxation, there is a spa and a gym where you can spend hours together. The spa features a Turkish bath, Thalassotherapy, sauna, and a UVA Ray solarium.

Other than this, there is a 4D theatre, a grand prix stimulator, golf stimulator, and a playstation world.


There are 1,130 cabins out of which 52 have a direct access to the Samsara Spa, 662 have a private balcony, and there are 106 suites with a private balcony and 4 suites which have a direct access to the Samsara Spa.


The ships have four restaurants, which includes two Luminosa and a Samsara Restaurant. There are also 11 bars, which includes a cigar lounge and a coffee and chocolate bar.

Coffee and chocolate bar

Other Features and amenities

Other features and amenities include 4 Jacuzzis, 3 pools, one of which has a retractable cover and one which if for children.

Costa Deliziosa pool

These are some of the great facilities and amenities in the Costa Cruises. There are many things which you can do on board and have lots of fun.

To experience this difference, it is recommended that you travel on this cruise which takes you to many destinations in the world like Atlanta, United States, Australia, Baltic & Russia, Dubai & Suez Canal, Eastern Caribbean, Eastern Mediterranean, and South America.

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