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Star Cruises

The Star Cruises is the largest and the leading cruise liner in the entire Asia Pacific Region. This cruise liner is simply amazing and takes you around the most interesting and the most amazing tourist destinations in the region.

There are a number of passenger ships which operate under the Star Cruises and have some of the most amazing facilities and amenities.

Star Cruises

The Destinations

There are many places where the cruise takes you.

Malaysia is one of the destinations where the cruise takes you. When you board the vessel in Port Klang, then you are taken onto Kuala Lampur. Kuala Lampur is the most amazing place in Malaysia. There are a number of places where you can visit there. The two tallest towers in the world, the Petronas Twin Tower are housed there.  There are amazing places to dine and shop at Kuala Lampur.

Petronas Twin Tower

Among other places, the Langkawi Island, Penang, Malacca, and Redand Island are other places where you are taken onto in Malaysia. These are some of the interesting and the most amazing places in Malaysia.

The next destination is Thailand. Thailand is known to be the most unique and a spectacular place to visit in the world. The cruise takes you onto some of the most amazig and the most extraordinary places in Thailand. Ko Samui, Bangkok, Phuket are some of the most extraordinary places where you can visit. The golden beaches and the amazing coral reefs of the place are some of the most exciting part of visiting Thailand.

Vietnam is another major destination where you can visit. You are taken to the famous city of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The place has the influence of the Western and the Oriental atmosphere and the most amazing things to see there is the French Colonial architecture, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the exquisite bakeries of the place. Also important and historical landmarks of the place is the Remnants Museum and the Reunification Hall and the must visit is the spine thrilling tunnel known as the “Cu Chi”.

Ho Chi Minh City

Singapore is the next destination where you are taken to. This city is known to be the cultural amalgamation of most of the Asian influences. From the Indians to the Arabs and the Chinese, there are many people from Asia living here. The most important and the most amazing places to visit here is the Jurong Bird Park and the Sentosa Island.

Other than these the other places where the cruise takes you is Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Rooms and Suites

There are a number of rooms and suites in the cruise and they have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the guest. All the rooms have been equipped with the latest technologies.

Star cruises suite


There is a great restaurant and a bar in the cruise. This restaurant serves multicuisine which suits the need of the guest.

Activities to do in the Cruise

There are a number of activities which you can do in the cruise. From swinming, to hitting it off to the fitness centre there are many things which you can do there.

Swimming pool

Star Cruises is an excellent cruise liner and one of the most important and the most important cruises in the Asian Pacific Region.

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