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Cruises with a Difference


Take a break from the usual and travel the unusual as we list places worth discovering which will make your friends and families say ‘Whereeeee?’


This is not the dream destination for many. But while there are many exotic cruise options around the world, the unexplored reaches out to much enthusiastic adventure thrill seekers. Cruising is one of the few ways of visiting Antarctica.

Accessible routes for the destination are Antarctic Peninsula and around the South Shetland Island. One can see seals calving and chicks hatching while you walk on the beaches of the icy Antarctic Peninsula in the summer time. Passing through historic places like the Drake Passage and the Beagle Channel can be different experience all together.

Antarctic Peninsula

Whale watching can be thrilling as you encounter the majestic and gentle creatures. All in all Antarctic can make for an enchanting and relaxed cruise ship trip.

The Panama Canal:

Beaches are an integral part of most of the cruise ship endeavors. But nowadays any and every locations invite a cruise making for an enduring exhibit. The Panama Canal is as unique and different as it can get. It is an historic route which can be industrial and also includes the jungles of South America. Traveling across the entire canal can take a day or even two. Many activities can be matched as per ones interest. Before traversing the canal you can take a journey of the Mayan Riviera and its ancient sights. Many different ports can be visited if you decide to journey round the Caribbean.

Panama Canal

The Black sea cruise:

This unique destination is still to be awarded its due. It can be a very popular and engaging cruise because of the golden beaches, inspiring beauty infused architecture, divine local cuisine, and the old but graceful cities along the coast. Such cruises usually begin at Istanbul, and then you can travel through Georgia, Odessa in Ukraine where you can encounter the wondrous architecture. Yalta with its military history, Sochi in Russia, Gorgeous beaches in Varna, and the medieval yet beautiful Nessebur in Bulgaria.

Black sea cruise


Cruise to the Galapagos is much beyond the normal cruising and can be a magical experience to say the least. Snorkeling and diving can set you free in more ways that you knew. Kayaking in the sea with adorable and the mighty sea lions for company and bird watching the rare and exquisite species of the island make for amazing encounters.

There are more than a thousand different animals and plants in the volcanic black interiors of the island. The number of people allowed to visit the Galapagos is limited to minimize the impact on the fragile environmental conditions. Hence making a cruise tour of the island is a great decision in terms of comfort and eco-friendliness.

Galapagos islands

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