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Tallinn: Filled with medieval wonders


I am a crazy person who loves to explore various tourist destinations and make them my life’s best part to survive further. So this time I went to explore and enjoy Tallinn which is the capital of the largest city of Estonia. Tallinn covers an area of about 159.2 square kilometres with 406,703 populations and is located on the northern coast of the country. It is on the banks of Gulf of Finland at a distance of 80 kilometres towards the south of Helsinki. So my trip went on a cruise that is more impressive and fascinating than other ways of traveling. A cruise never fails to give pleasure as we can explore the water and its surrounding attractions.

Most of the times I went to travel by cruise and it really make me more eager to explore the city. This city lies on the shores of the Baltic Sea which is a pride of Europe. Trading has been easy due to this Baltic Sea which is a major transport corridor for the world and for the city as well. This region is the fastest growing business region in Europe. And as Estonia is a sea country with 3,800 kilometres of coastline so the country experienced a huge impact in seafaring and port business. The port of Tallinn is the biggest port authority in Estonia where cargo and passenger traffic are handled by the port. So I docked at this biggest port on the shores of Baltic Sea and made my accommodation to take stay and take rest.

Tallinn Estonia port
After, I got fit to wander around the city with even bare foot; I started exploring some major attractions of the city. This port of Tallinn has five constituent harbours which are Muuga Harbour, Old City Harbour, Paljassaare Harbour, Paldiski South Harbour and Saaremaa Harbour. After, docking at the port I enjoyed the sight surrounding it. Tallinn is city where you can explore most of its attractions by walking. Mostly, you will find cruise ship tourists throng here at a large number, especially; tourists catch the ferry from Helsinki to make a day trip at Tallinn.

Right close to the port I got to explore the major highlight of Tallinn which is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the Old Town. To experience a brilliant well preserved network of cobbled streets, pastel-colored medieval houses and narrow alleyways which are dating back to the 14th century then you should head to this magnificent place. You can experience a stimulating mix of old and new. Estonia is among the most internet savvy countries in Europe that holds among the best connected Wi-Fi cities and is also home to Skype, free internet telephone service.

As the city is developed highly, but still its base is preserved well which is even today recognized as one of the medieval cities. As it is a famous tourist spot one can easily flow with its romantic air and hang on at various bars and restaurants. The city has many churches and museums to explore so I went to stroll down the streets and explored few of them. The Old Town is located at a distance of 10 minutes from the port so easily I started wandering around. To get tourist information you can easily went towards the Terminal A of the port that remains open from 8am till 4.30 pm. With this, currency exchange offices, luggage rooms and an ATM is also situated. Taxis and buses continuously offer services from the port to the town.

Well, taxis are quite cheap and the rest of the city is covered with a network of buses, trams and trolleybuses. Major highlights that have worth to explore are the Town Hall, Tallinn Town Hall Pharmacy, Kadriorg Park and Palace, Foreign Art Museum, Rocca al Mare open-air Museum, Paldiski and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Also while exploring these breathtaking attractions I tried shopping for my loved ones and also the speciality of this city. Well, if you want to try shopping then head towards the Old Town where you will get interesting shops that sell Knitwear, Vana Tallinn and ceramic depictions of medieval Old Town buildings. Best buys comprises of hand-knitted sweaters and gloves, ceramics, jewellery, wrought iron, fragranced wooden toys and dishes.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Estonia enjoys temperate climate but also offers little cool and damp. Summers remains warm whereas, spring and autumn remains mild. Winter season remains too cold and rainfall could be experienced heavily in the month of August. So enjoy the season which you like. During the winter season you can experience heavy snowfalls which are common. People enjoy republican government since 1991 and the language there is Estonian with majority of religions are covered here with non religious. Orthodox and Lutheran minorities are also there.

Well, locals are friendly as well as little reserved who try to make your holidays special. The city has magnificent views and attractions right from the port of Tallinn that boost the energy of every tourist. As the attractions could be explored by walking, this really worth a lot as I experienced without spending much money on traveling. Estonians proud their culture and national heritage so do care their feelings and also try to respect them. The Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is located at a distance of 4 kilometres from the city centre but visitors will enjoy more if they could travel by cruise which has been proved a real journey to me.

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