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Cozumel – “Mexican Heart With A Caribbean Soul”

Cozumel portrays itself as a “Mexican heart with a Caribbean soul”. Also this tropical island resort, is situated off the Yucatan Peninsula, and gives a reminiscent combine of Afro-Latino civilizations. Distinguished for its superior coral reefs as well as beach-scattered shoreline, Cozumel is in principal immature in its mid core where emerald green jungles as well as marshy lagoons are house to widespread birds as well as the numerous butterflies. A worth mentioning national park as well as quite a lot of environmental reserves offer protection for rare and in danger of extinction natural world species, to name few the nesting marine turtles. Cozumel is also a refuge for water-sports as well as fishing yet proffers stillness in great quantity, from eye-catching sunsets and walks in the moonlit on sheltered beaches to dreamy candlelight dinners serving seafood on the sand.

Cozumel even today continues to have translucent blue water as well as the thick jungle and also a number of its quality as an out of the mode Mexican island mainly for fishing, in spite of its current re-embodiment as a most important cruise center.

Cozumel Cruise Dock

The island has a variety of most well recognized tricks comprising of one of the globe’s peak submerge sites on a prominent corral reef or a unhurried walked in the island’s township of San Miguel.

There are 3 cruise dispatch docking sites on Cozumel which are comparatively closely located to each other. The furthermost from the city center is Puerta Maya, a bit further than in the southern area is the TMM International Pier, it will take a 7 minute ride to cover the distance between the two ports, from San Miguel to reach Punta Langosta Pier is hardly a small distance which would be easily accessed on foot. When every part of the berths is occupied, fasten ships can affectionate person along for the ride to the harbor at Punta Langosta.


Engrossing Mother Nature’s magnificence is one of the all the rage Cozumel activity, from snorkeling to the diving in the course of caves, mangroves as well as unfasten seas to bird watching widespread and wandering species. Cozumel is also abode to a wonderful collection of reptiles as well as frogs and also a broad assortment of jungle tracks which permit the tourists to observe them very near by. Botanical gardens, wild forests as well as the sandy beaches each and every one pleads to be discovered with the 48 km by 16 km region with no trouble passable in a daylight hours.

  • Dolphins in Chankanaab National Park

    Swim along the dolphins in Chankanaab National Park.

  • Stopover at the Museum of the Island of Cozumel in city center San Miguel.
  • Ascertain 220 kinds of birds at Colombia Lagoon.
  • Trek the Botanical Garden follow in the course of 350 dissimilar plant kinds.
  • Diving as well as snorkelling at the sole inland coral reef on the globe.
  • Enjoyment in the water at the Playa Mia Grand Beach Park.
  • Expedition throughout pre-Hispanic as well as Colonial olden times at the Discover Mexico display.
  • Spot crocodiles as well as the iguana and also the giant turtles at the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve.

Only one of its kind jewellery locally made manually proffers copiousness of unique silver blueprints in a number of excellent boutiques as well as stores jointly with the memento eminence visitor’s stalls – many including the Mexican turquoise. Textiles are first-class worth too as well as scurry the jam-packed range of Mexican civilizations, from conventional Mayan dresses (commonly known as huipiles) and shawls (commonly known as rebozos) to embroidered shirts made of cotton for men (commonly known as guayaberas) and firmly woven Panama hats as of the Yucatan peninsula as well as the multicolored hammocks.  Leather goods, incorporating the shoes as well as boots also the belts and the purses as well as baggage reproduce Mexico’s conceited handcrafted custom. Shops located in the waterfront malls are kept open for a long time when a journey ship is in harbor and acknowledge credit cards as well as the U.S. dollars.

Shopping addicts have huge options of boutique shops as well as a keepsake stores located together in the central square region of San Miguel as well as quite close to the waterfront mall. Products are generally not as much of luxurious as at the shops located just crossways the water in Cancun as well as many various mainland cruise harbors. Best buy at this location is the comprehensive linens as well as the carvings.

Eating OutMexican Margaritas

Don’t forget to try-out this sites.

  • Coconuts Bar and Grill
    An isolated sense with sea as well as jungle landscape and also grand observations.
  • Wet Wendy’s
    Happy as well as comfortable bar well-liked with the locals as well as quite renowned for the margaritas.
  • Toro’s Place
    Welcoming Mexican foodstuff preoccupied with a friendly ambiance.
  • Best dish in the region is Margaritas

A collection of 100 diverse restaurants, as well as cafes and also the numerous food stalls proffer a collection of palate-pleasing delights, from genuine Mayan entrance fee as well as Mexican areas of expertise to big-name worldwide areas monopoly. Select as of Tex-Mex, fried chicken hamburger joints as well as pizza eating place or spur-of-the-moment up newly ripe tamales (packed steam-cooked corn bread) as well as empanadas (deep-fried mutton packed turnovers) as of food vendors on the city center.


Spanish is widely used in the region where as the second most popular language is English.


89% of the total populations are the Roman Catholics, where as remaining 5% are the Protestants also the other remaining 6% belongs to various other values.

Social Conventions

As be suitable a careless Latino-Caribbean island, Cozumel shells out a small regard to airless formalities. Promptness is quite unusual, smoking is allowed more or less anyplace. Beachwear, on the other hand, should only be worn out in resorts.


Tipping of 15% is of the amount is expected and rises even up to 20% if the check has been very superior.

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